Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Update

It was quite a busy gaming weekend. In WoW, I actually did a bunch of dailies each day of the weekend. I had been going very slowly on them, but decided I should do them just to get the out of the way.

On Sunday I was in uber quest mode apparently. I did Tillers, Anglers, and Golden Lotus dailies. Then for good measure, I went and polished off the Dreadwastes for the most part (I left one quest up with no rep gains).

Our little group is also moving on up. I gained a level on my Paladin and almost a level on my Priest. My wife got ger Paladin to 90. Fettsbounty got his Monk to level 90. Kev and Jody got their Paladins to 90 (I think Kev did, may have been 89). Now we just need to get our group together and do some Heroics and such.

I am looking forward to revered with the Klaxxis so that I can grab those sweet ass tanking pants.

In Diablo news, I got my Demon Hunter to level 60 and have been trying out a new spec on my Barbarian.

My Demon Hunter had about 4 levels to go to 60, so I decided to grind them out. I hit level 60 somewhere in Act 3 of Hell. I ran MP10 through act 1 and dropped it down to MP5 for act 3 and 4. Once I hit 60, I went to the AH for some upgrades. I got legendary two handed crossbow and a Dead Man's hand as well as several other pieces. I have about 69k dps on my DH now, which is ok, but not spectacular for a Demon Hunter.

On my Barbarian, I decided to try out a two handed rend build. I grabbed a Skorn for about 1.5 million and went to work. My paper DPS is up to 114k with my Battle Rage up (which is always up). The build is not nearly as mobile as the double tornado build, but if you crit with Rend, you can literally watch the monster health melt away. The one bad thing is that if leap is on cooldown, you do not have a good escape ability. I have gotten better at using this spec and die less than I did at the beginning.

During my travels, I also picked up two legendary items and a set piece. It is nice to see that kind of stuff drop. It really gives you incentive to keep plugging away other than just grinding out paragon levels.


Fettsbounty said...

Kevin and I are still 89. He stopped halfway through on his Pally and I am about 6 bars away. I couldn't take the torture of watching 1/4 million xp quests only advance the xp bar a sliver. So I decided to stop early build up some rested xp and wait for today's enlightenment buff.

Darraxus said...

Good plan considering it is the difference between a 200k quest turn in and a 300k quest turn in.