Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What draws you to a class?

Most people I know have a preference for what kind of class they like to play and usually the first character they create in any game will show that preference. For me, I am a beefy melee lover.

My first character in WoW was a warrior. My first character in D3 was a Barbarian. As time goes on, you try out other classes to see what else you like. In WoW, I found out that I really enjoy both tanking and healing. Especially healing on a druid or shaman. In Diablo, I really enjoy sprinting around and whirlwinding shit to death on my Barbarian. Both my Warrior and Barbarian are beefy (I feel like Cartman lol, BEEFCAKE!!!).

My wife prefers ranged DPS. She doesnt like being in middle of all of the mobs if she doesnt have to, especially in instances.

Every person has a much difference preference. What are yours?


Hollers said...

When I first started WoW in Vanilla my first character was a mage and I really didn't like it so I made my paladin. I was holy from the start and despite leveling taking forever, I loved it (back when consecration was a holy talent). Since then, I have loved playing holy on my paladin. That is why I continue to play my paladin, I just love healing on that class. Unfortunately, I know how to suck as a mage, and that is a little embarrassing.

Kal said...

So far, specs that have really clicked for me are SV Hunter, Disc Priest, Enhance Shammy, Blood DK, and Prot Pally. I slip into those playstyles like a well made dovetail joint.

I love my Rogue, and it's the first to 90 (for Tillers Harmony) but it has yet to click in the same way the others did. My 63 Warrior is the same way.

Kal said...

I guess I forgot to answer the question so I'll try again:

SV Hunter: F-ing Explosive Shot Biotch!
Disc Priest: Bubbles!
Enhance Shammy: A beautiful female Dwarf kicking ass with wind and flame powered beer mugs!
Blood DK: The very essence of the Death Seeker. Also, the A Team.
Prot Pally: The sound of a Shield of the Righteous landing, or an Avenger's Shield going out, it's just so magnificent.

Bearness said...

Ah, man after my own heart! I love being in the middle of the action. So, I almost always pick melee first though I'll usually try ranged stuff later because I'm an altoholic. I love wearing thick armor and being able to take damage as well as I dish out pain. Besides, in most rpg games, big swords and plate armor look the most bad ass. =)

Christopher said...

I usually go for light, fast melee - rogue, ranger, etc. first, but I love tanking, so my DK is my main now. I also like healing, but can't stand ranged dps. I get bored :)

Celendus said...

I like characters with a large toolset (off-healing, CC, stuns, snares), as it's a lot of fun to try to use spells creatively. Prot paladin, Smite priest, Shamans in general, SV hunter are some of my favorites.