Monday, October 15, 2012

Forced to do Dailies

Until yesterday, I thought that the extra dailies were cool enough. You got to do as many or as few as you like and got to get some nice things.

That was until I visited the Valor Point Vendor yesterday. This is when I noticed that you need certain reputation levels with certain factions to even get it. What the fuck?

So, I have to get my golden lotus rep up so that I can even get a stiff of valor point gear. Whoopee. I was enjoying the dailies for the most part, but this really chapped my hide.

I was not doing Golden Lotus every day. Now I am behind. Fucking awesome.

In other news, my wife is nearly level 90 on her Druid. That will leave one of our 5 person group who is not yet at level cap.

I also have my Druid up to level 89 now. I am not looking forward to the 89-90 slog.

My monk is now level 43 as well. I love the xp buff you can get from the dailies. It really adds up and you can fly through.

I am still playing Diablo mostly every day. I just find something satisfying about destroying monsters in a giant whirlwind of doom. I also like getting loot (despite 99.9 percent of it being shit) and gaining Paragon levels.

I believe that the new Diablo patch will be coming out soon and I will attempt to finish inferno.


Bearness said...

I'm also getting tired of being 99.99999% of Diablo loot being absolute crap. Or when I do find a decent rare, I see that AH prices fell so much it's worth nothing. Basically, it's legendaries or nothing. Make that AWESOME legendaries or nothing because even most legendaries are crap too. I think they should at least quadruple legendary drops in 1.05 instead of doubling it. But hey, they can't risk us getting spoiled, right?

typhoonandrew said...

I thought they removed the rep requirement for Valor/Justice last patch?

Can't say I've been able to get enough Valor as yet to buy any, but I certainly got Justice point gear.

Darraxus said...

@ Bearness: I have seen exactly one legendary at level 60. It was a piece of crap set of gloves lol.

@ Andrew: No pre requirement for JP, but there still is for the Valor points unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

It gets worse, the valor gear is comparable to the LFR gear, or so it seemed for me....ugh