Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ding level 90...again

Last night I decided that I should go the rest of the way getting my Druid to level 90. I had about half of a level to go and decided to head out to the Dread Wastes. That is my first venture into that zone, and it was very good XP.

Now that I have two level 90 characters, my next goal is to go for the third. I am thinking that I will make my Ret Paladin the next to reach level cap as I have in the past. Since Wrath, this has been my order for leveling toons. After that it will be a free for all, but I think my Shaman may be next in line.

In Diablo 3 news, I did a key run last night with both Bearness and Teknique who read my blog. It went fairly least for them. I kept getting caught in bad situations that called me many deaths. The worst is when you come back into a fight having zero rage and get gibbed nearly instantly. Most of my deaths came from the Act 4 key warden....that guy is a fucking asshole. He didnt even drop the plans for me. Something about reduced healing plus having the jailer affix to go along with his bullshit nuke spell than basically insta kills you.

I like doing the stuff with the key wardens because it gives me a sense of advancement. I dislike it because of the number of deaths.

I think the next couple of times I play will be just random mindless farming, but who knows?

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