Monday, October 8, 2012

Great Weekend In WoW

I had an awesome weekend in WoW as the title says.

Dailies. Oh man are there dailies. I did a metric crap ton of them. I havent even unlocked each faction's dailies because I don't want to be tempted to do them all. I  have never really been a big fan of dailies, but I am actually enjoying these (minus the Wind Serpent dailies to be honest).

I also ran several new Heroics. I have noticed that Heroics are essentially the same as regulars only with more health on the bad guys. They are nice and easy and that is just the way I like it.

I got to try out the new Scarlet Monastery which was quite cool. It is nice seeing new versions of classics, but it also make me a sad panda (pun intended).

The best part of the weekend is that we had some awesome friends help my wife get MoP. We celebrated with out first MoP instance group together. It went perfectly and we had a bunch of fun and our first MoP instance group dance party.

My Druid is now about 86.5 and my Warlock is 85.75. I want to get several of my toons to 87 so that they are able to get the other recipes for their professions.

Overall, it was a great weekend.

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