Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What Do You do with your WoW time?

This though occured to me last night while doing some dailies.

There are a shit ton of dailies in MoP. If you do them all, you may be spending all of your time doing dailies. I made a decision that I am going to focus on three factions first (Tillers, Anglers, and Windserpents) before doing the Golden Lotus and Krikknik(?) dailies.

Even just doing those dailies, I find myself spending more time doing that than I would care for.

I also ended up running a heroic with my guild last night which went very quickly.

I was going to tank the new Raid Finder, but my gear was two ilvl short. I will probably run some more heroics to get my gear up to par.

I also wonder how the difficulty on the Raid Finder raids are. How quickly are they being cleared out?

I also spend a fair amount of times leveling. I am trying to get my Druid to at least 87 for now and am about 3 bubble short.

How are you spending your time in WoW?


Kalven said...

Well, I can guess you're not doing dailies for the gold.

In terms of rep dailies, I view them as a phase of content release and character progression. I do dailies to get an item, then I'm done and move on to the next thing.

It seems like most of my time right now is spent leveling all my crafting alts.

avokes said...

I'm pretty much levelling my DK who is now level 84. Just have that one last push before I head into Pandaria

Nev Jones said...

I'm still leveling my 1st alt to 90, almost at 88 now but I'm a very slow leveler. Besides that, there's AH & 2 farms & various profession CD's to use up. I'm not sure quite what I'm going to do at 90. I could go for rep or start on next alt or gear up. I didn't do many dungeons at all in Cata & no raids of any kind so I kind of want to do that this expac but I'm also nervous about it so who knows? lol

Fettsbounty said...

No reason to be nervous about dungeons and raids. They aren't as difficult as the opening Cataclysm dungeons. As long as you know how to stay out of bad and in general play your class you are golden.

Hollers said...

I haven't been playing very much lately because of lots of college homework even though I have mist now. I've been trying to level my paladin. I have also been leveling professions, lots and lots of professions.