Thursday, October 18, 2012

Inferno: Complete

With patch 1.05 out, I decided that it was about time I tried to get through Act 4 in Inferno on my Barbarian.

Last night I did just that.

I started the evening running Act 1 on MP1 and had a mostly successful run. One mob in particular killed me five times. My god was I getting pissed. It had firewalking, electrified, and jailer from what I could remember. The electrified one seems to be the worst for me these days. It used to not even be noticeable. Now it kicks the shit out of me.

That brings me to Act 4. I did it on MP 0 and it was really quite easy. I died a couple of times including once to Diablo of phase three, but stuff died incredibly fast.

If you have been struggling with Act 3 and 4 on inferno, I would suggest trying it out.

I also had the idea to level my wizard a bit, but kept getting my squishy ass kicked. I really need to work on a more survivable build. I have had a harder time with my Wizard while leveling than I did with my Barbarian.

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Bearness said...

You need more all resist for those electrified guys! I offered you a belt with like 60AR on it and you turned it down. =P Life steal does very little unless you have like 100K+ DPS due to Inferno nerf.