Friday, October 5, 2012

Ding level 90 and My First Heroic

As the title says, I have dinged level 90. WOOHOO! Daily time!

Yesterday after hitting 90 I decided that I would start on said dailies. I ended up banging out the Anglers, Tillers, and Windserpent dailies in a decent amount of time. So far, they have been pretty decent, and I really liked the marmot stomping quest.

I also had my first Black Market AH purchase yesterday.....I got the helmet for my Dreadnaught set. WOOHOO. Now I just need another 7 pieces I think. I grabbed it for 17.5k.

I then went and spent another 18k upgrading all of my gear on the AH. Once I was done with that, I decided that it was time to check out the new Heroics. I must say that it was very enjoyable.

I died a couple of times including one wipe, but overall we pretty much blitzed it.

We got the new version of Scholomance. It is much shorter than the old version and has many less bosses. My favorite part is the difficulty level. It feels more like Wrath than Cata. I want to have a quick enjoyable run. Not a session of punching myself in the dick.

I will surely do more Heroics and also need to get into a scenario.

Last night, I also played my Monk and found something that was very interesting. Every day you can get a one hour buff that gives you plus 50 percent XP for quests and monster kills. You use the little meditation portal and fight one of the trainers. Bam, poor man's refer a friend.

I am liking the Monk and have been running him as a tank. The only annoying thing so far is a lack of self heals and that I actually have to eat from time to time.

Overall, I am enjoying the expansion like a lot more than Cata.

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Anonymous said...

Well done on reaching 90! I'm just getting into MoP & really enjoying it - but it will take me ages to reach 90. Even as a female I can well understand your desire to avoid a "session of punching myself in the dick." :)