Monday, October 1, 2012

Pandaria: First bit late

So, Blizz finally finished fucking around with my account this Saturday after I sent them another ticket. I now have Pandaria and have done a good amount of playing. Here are some of my impressions.

Questing: I am really enjoying the questing so far. There are lots of little interesting quests, and many have given me fun items instead of just a weapon or piece of armor.

My favorite quest so far is the one where you punt Marmots off of the farm....and they make it even better as you get an item that lets you punt a marmot. Score.

I also like Chen and Mudmug. Mudmug is essentially a redneck Pandarian who will distill beer out of anything.

Instances: So far the instances are exactly what I wanted. They are short and interesting. One of the more interesting fights is the last boss of Shado-Pan monastery, where you have to mediate when your hatred meter gets too high. So far I have done each available instance once just to get the quests done. I will not mind running them more in the future.

Crafting: Crafting has gone very well for me so far. I have picked up a metric shit ton of Ghost Iron Ore while questing which has nearly leveled up three different professions for me. I have also made some progress in just about every profession I have.

New Stuff: As it stands, I am not level 90. I am currently sitting at level 88. I have however noticed some interesting things. The cooking is definately different. You level up different specialties of cooking within your main cooking. I have also started my Farm, which I guess is WoW's version of Farmville. So far, the things that I have seen are going to make it so that I will be entertained for quite some time.

Overall, I am quite impressed Pandaria. I am having much more fun through the leveling process than I did with Cataclysm.

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