Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Archavon and Loot Drama

Last night, I log on, check my AH sales, repost anything that doest sell then log onto my Druid. Me and my buddy knock out all of the Walrus and Pirate quests over in Howling Fjorde, then while he catches up on other quests that I already completed I log over to my Warrior to check my mail again. When I log over, I notice that we have control of Wintergrasp. I take a gander in LFG and see a group that needs a tank for the 10 man version. I get an invite, we go in and destroy him. Nothing good for me dropped, so I got my two Emblems of Heroism and split.

Then I though, "Self, why dont we start up a Heroic Archavon run?" I then pick up a healer from LFG and within 30 minutes, we are full. This included two people from my friends list (Phaelia the Uber Tree from, Occeleta (my RL buddy and blogger from, and a guildy on his super duper DK.

We get rolling and to start, one of the other DKs doesnt arrive at Wintergrasp until we have cleared all the trash and sat staring at the boss for 5 minutes. For about 15 minutes while we were filling up, I stated that I was looking for DPS and an off tank so that we have two tanks. I finally fill it up, and a different DK say, "Oh im a tank too". WTF!!!!!!!!?????? I specify before the run starts that loot will be handed out by spec first. We smash Archavon despite the "tank" DK only doing 900 DPS (did I mention he had all 71 points in blood?)

Drops are mail PVP legs which go to a Shaman, Warlock T 7.5 pants who go to a priest because he asked and we had no Warlocks, DK T 7.5 gloves, which go to the DK who was extremly late to the run. The last item was DK T 7.5 DPS pants. I post for rolls, and all the DPS DKs roll and my guild wins the roll. I pass him the loot and then the tank DK rolls afterwards (a roll that would have won). He get all butthurt that he didnt get the pants despite the fact that a) it would be offspec for him, and b) He did not even bother rolling until after I had passed the pants to the winner. Then some of the noobs started saying I ninja looted it to him and that I should be reported.

They can report me all they want. The only thing that the tank DK earned was a trip to my ignore list for being a retard. Afterwards, the Hunter who led the run in DPS whispered to LOL at the DK tank who only did 900 DPS and his crappy spec. For a reference, I did almost 1400 dps despite the times that Archavon goes and picks me up. I looked at the DK's breakdown of attacks. It was 40 percent autoattack. The next highest was like 14 percent Death Coil.

You can just about PUG anything these days. I may not reccomend leading one because of crap like this. Failknights are everywhere, so be on the lookout.

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