Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Over the weekend, I didnt get to do as much raiding as I would have liked, but I had a great weekend in WoW.

As far as raiding goes, I did a 25 man Archavon and a 10 man Naxx pug. In 25 man Archavon, we wiped the first time due to him enraging 0_0. Looking at the damage meters, there was a level 80 mage doing 800 DPS. We downed him the second time, but it still kills me how bad some players can be.

My 10 man Naxx pug went very well. It started very late, so I only did the Arachnid and Plague Quarters. We one shotted every boss except Faerlina because we tried to get the acheivement the first time. I got some Emblems, but there arent really a lot of upgrades for me in 10 man Naxx.

I did not run a lot of instances over the weekend, but I did finally get my bracers upgraded in Heroic Old Kingdom. This group was a pain. We had a couple of wipes on trash towards the beggining when people couldnt figure out how to avoid a pat.

The mage left shortly after this and we picked up a DK buddy of mine. We went and beat up the first boss with no problems and moved on. We wiped a few more times on trash from the priest healer body pulling mobs. I mean WTF. We downed all of the bosses on one shot, but ended up wiping about 6-7 times due to people not paying attention. We ended up skipping the Heroic only boss after this sequence. I skip a pat and pull one of the fungal guys in the tunnel leading to the boss. Priest disregard patrol that comes up behind her and kills her. We release. Priest runs back and dies again on the way to where we were. Priest gets back again and rezzes the lazy ret pally who never released. Priest somehow aggros the pat again and dies. We kill the patrol, but I immediately hearth out. There were also a few times during the instance where the priest purposely pulled mobs. A little advice to healers and DPS. Let the tank pull.

This weekend I played a TON with my fiance. My mage and her Druid were in the mid 40s on Friday morning, but by last night we had climbed all the way to 61 and were plugging away in outland. At 58, I switched from my mage to my level 59 Hunter. She is still getting used to some aspects of the game, but is having fun. We went into Ramparts and Blood Furnace with my buddy tanking it on his level 76 DK. They were very quick and easy runs with no deaths. We got tons of gear upgrades and I ponied up the dough for her and I to get our epic mounts. She is having a great time healing and AOEing. I think she likes all the numbers that fly up when she hurricanes. Current strategy is send in my pet Gorilla and gather several mobs. I volley, she hurricanes and heals my monkey. Works like a charm so far.

The Quest for the "Ridiculous": My fiance plays a NE Druid. She calls the Gnome Mechanostriders a "Ridiculous"......and she wants one. Which means lots of runecloth. Since I dont feel like spending tons of money on runecloth, when I havent been questing with her, I will go into Strat and gather runecloth. Strat is perfect because I get plenty of other stuff to sell and hope to get myself a Baron mount. She is about half way thru honored with Gnomregan so we have a long way to go.


thedoctor said...

"Looking at the damage meters, there was a level 80 mage doing 800 DPS."

Ya, there is always one or two baddies when I do 25 Arch. Last week was by far the worst though...Had 2 rogues doing LESS then 700 dps.

One was around 670 and the other was doing 690ish. Makes me think they weren't even playing

Darraxus said...

Lol that sounds like auto attack. I do between 1100-1400 tanking Archavon despite the fact that he picks me up and I cant attack during that time.

Orgauth said...

So how did you finally "sink the hook" in regards to the fiancee? I'd love to lower the wife aggro by getting her to play, but she has high resistance.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, she was very resistant for a very long time, but she really enjoyed running around with me and doing the quests. I also bought her little cuddly pets to play with etc. The biggest hurdle seems to be getting them to play more than once.