Monday, January 5, 2009


Sorry about the long layoff. I had a 5 day vacation and spent much of it playin WoW. I did A LOT, so Im gonna break it down point by point.

Vault of Archavon (10 man): I main tanked my first 10 man vault. Wow was this fight easy. Tank and spank. For my troubles, I got my Hateful Gladiator Gloves as I was the only one who could wear them.

Heroic Obsidian Sanctum (25 Man): I pugged this one and it went very well. We two shotted the boss and I got the hawt tanking legs that he drops! Sartharion is pretty easy with no drakes up. I imagine he would be a pain in the ass with the drakes still up.

Heroic Vault of Archavon (25 man): Once again a pug, and once again easy mode. The only difference seemed to be that you need more people to not be dumb and stand in stuff. Tanks were me and another prot warrior. My T 7.5 gloves dropped and I won the roll!

Heroic Naxxramas (25 man): Once again, you guessed it. A pug. We went in and one shotted the Arachnid Wing. I got the some awesome tanking shoulders off of Anub'Rehkan. I finally got to wipe that achievement off of my list.

Next up was the Plague wing. No problems on Noth, another one shot. Got to Heigan, and 15 retards promptly died in the first flame spout. We 10 manned him the rest of the way and one shotted him in over 13 minutes lol. We finished the wing with another one shot and were off to the Millitary Wing.

The Millitary wing went pretty well. It took the priests a few tries to get the mind control down, but we ended up 3 shotting Instructor Razuvious. We one shotted the next boss and were off to the 4 horsemen. We wiped a few times due to people dying in the back and getting us AOEd to death and called it for the night. We came back the next night and 2 shotted the horsemen.

Next we went and tried Patchwerk, but that was just not happening. The healers just werent able to keep us up during the hateful strikes. I will most likely run with this same pug again next week for all of the loot. I am hoping for a bracers upgrade since I am still wearing my level 70 badge bracers.

In other loot news, I picked up the Emblem of Heroism tanking belt. I ran all of two heroics on my 5 days off. I was too busy raiding and other such stuff!

Fiance now playing WoW!!!!!!: I got my fiance to play again and she is really enjoying it. Our RAF bonus still applied as she had not yet upgraded her account to the full account. First, I ran her thru Deadmines and Stockades a bunch of times. Then I logged onto another account and ran both of us thru stockades a bunch of times. This is where I taught her about aggro. If you get to close you die lol. After several trips thru this, I ran us thru the Scarlet Monastery a bunch of times. She decided she wanted to actually help, so then we went to STV to quest. She is a resto druid, and she healed me when needed and helped DPS when not. It went very smoothly and she had a lot of fun. I also turned her onto herbalism for if she want to play when I am not around.

I absolutely love playing the game with her. It is all very new and she does some of the cutest things. Every time she aggroes something, I here her gasp in surprise. She also get great enjoyment and laughs a lot while playing the game. Like when she sees me running by with a long sting of baddies in tow. I cant help it that my pink gnome mohawk looks so damn delicious to those tigers!

She also gets mad when someone else picks a herb she was heading towards. She asked me if she could report them for stealing her herb and being mean.

Overall, I had a great week in WoW. I made a bunch of money with various little ventures, blew 1600 on the Red Drake from Wyrmrest, and ground the last of my Argent Dawn rep to exalted. I ran Strat roughly 10 times and did not see the Baron Mount. Next up is Argent Crusade rep to get my Argent Champion title.


Kinzlayer said...

Wrath on Cho'gall is much like your experience atm, it's PUG heaven. Until this last week I've been just doing Heroics and dailies (for reps and whatnot) but I'm done with everyone except for Argent Crusade, including Son of Hodir, so I took a step into the raiding scene and I love it too.

I pugged VoA 10man, no loots but easy 2 badges. I pugged VoA 25man, no loots but 2 easy valor badges. I pugged 10man Naxx and got as far as Gothik but I had to call it since NYE dinner was on the table, I'm sure the group I was with continued and fished. Also no loots but more badges. The beauty of it all was getting Life and Death (last night) in 25man Naxx, got as far as 4HM in about 4 hours but being 11pm EST on Sunday, people kept on leaving so it was called. I'm very happy with Wrath and the PUGs have been 99% successful.

I did have 2 really annoying PUG, where 3 of the 5 were from the same guild so they kept on letting the tank die so I left with the tank. The other one was just super sad when we couldn't get pass Ichoron, even when I use the activation crystal twice. I think the healer just wasn't experience enough.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I got the acheivement from the voidawalker boss yesterday in Heroic VH. DPSed him down without killing any of the flares. I should level my alts some more, but cant hardly find the time.

wtfspaghetti said...

God Darraxus! Can you say loot whore?

lol, j/k. Grats on the loot and getting your Fiance playing wow.

Another one fights the dust...

Darraxus said...

Lol thanks. She is having fun so far though she does completly get what to do if I am not there. To be fair she has not played much. We are currently level 36 on the toons we are leveling.