Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How I hate you Dalaran

Not because I actually hate Dalaran. It is more because I sometimes cant log in due to my internet. I know it isnt the computer as it is brand new. I try to log in on Darraxus, who is my only toon in Dalaran. It gets to the end of the loading screen then DCs me from the server....WTF? I could not log into him at all yesterday to check my mail. I could log into all my other non Dalaran toons. Anybody else having this problem?

Also, I just wanted to give a shout out to a RL friend who started blogging about WoW (again). If you have a chance, give him a shout and a comment at http://occeletaaltaholic.blogspot.com/

Anyways, happy hunting to you guys.

Edit: I may have foung a solution to my problem. Apparently Quest Helper has caused some problems when trying to log into Dalaran. Hopefully that helps.


Hudson said...

Dalaran is a very slow load, I am noticing that on my machine

Miss Elf said...


One tip I can think of (which I've been suggesting to my friends who have been struggling to log int Dalaran) - disable all your add-ons, log in, move out of Dalaran, relog, put your add-ons back on.

It's not exactly convenient, but it has worked for them everytime so far.

As for Dalaran... I can load it, just slow as hell! Logging into my main is usually a case of having an excuse to go grab a drink, read an entire book... :(

Captain The First said...

The servers have been a little wonky in the last period so that may have contributed to your pain. In general though since you're saying your pc is fairly new I'd check your average internet speed. Your PC receives a buttload of data when you start loading dalaran with all those people and if the connection is too slow it'll dc you right off the bat (won't even show anything past loading).

I recommend parking in the sewers... there's an innkeeper there and it's generally a lot more quiet meaning your less data to your pc in the first seconds of your login. once you're in it's generally not so bad.

Darraxus said...

I turned off Quest Helper and have had zero problems since then!