Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Raiding and Misc. Fun

I ran Naxx 25 this week with my guild instead of a pug (well it ended up being partially pugged) and we cleared two wings with no wipes. Again we were having trouble with the healing on Patchwerk. I think having two Holy Pallys for this fight with Beacons on opposing hateful strike tanks would be perfect to be honest. We probably would have done millitary wing, but there has been a lot of difficulty finding shadowpriests (as I think that they all rolled DKs along with Rogues after Wrath).

I picked up the tanking neck that randomly drops off of any of the bosses called Heritage. It was a nice upgrade for my Chained Millitary Gorget. I hope to nab some new bracers when I got in there this week. Yep, still rocking the level 70 badge bracers. 0_0

My fiance and I played again this weekend, I was leveling up my Gnome mage Crispee (with the huge pink mohawk), and she was leveling her little Druid Gurrtrude. We headed out to Theramore where we started questing. Over the weekend we went from 36-41. I hope to get in some more play time with her this week. I found out a few things.

a) She seems to like doing quests to kill things (no matter how irritating the drop rate on stuff we need), but hates the ones where you have to gather X number of plants. She actually enjoyed killing the Mudrock turtles for thir tongues. She enjoyed one shotting the little frogs for their legs even more!

b) She sees the game much differently than I do. She giggle when she sees a long line of mobs chasing me and gets upset at random little things. She felt "bad" that she moved while her little pet Ancona chicken was pecking at the ground.Is it going to get mad at me and leave because I interrupted it eating." I absolutely LOVE playing with her. Especially since all of this is new and fun.

Speaking of pets, I went on a pet whoring extravaganza this weekend. I got the 15 and 25 pet achievements and did the quest line to get the sprite darter pet. I have been buying my fiance pets as well as she seems to enjoy them. Much the same way that I had to buy her all three Saber mounts because she didnt want the other ones to feel left out. I have still had 0 luck catching that damn sewer rat pet. I probably spent about 3 hours over the weekend trying to catch that little SOB.

This weekend, I farmed Strat Dead some more to try and get the elusive Baron Mount. Still no luck. I did make a good chunk of gold from the instance and had my first epic drop from there. The good ole Brain Hacker. Too bad it never dropped in the 100 times I went in there pre BC. Usually I got and kill the mobs as well just so I can get the cash and items involved, but the last few time I just wanted to get in and get out. If I skipped everything I could, I would down the Baron in roughly 15 minutes. I would skip by everything but the bosses and the guys inside the ziggurats, then when I got to the abomination room I would pull the entire room and kill them in a giant pile.

I will probably continue fishing for the rat and running for the mount. Not really for good reason. It just gives me something to do between raiding and playing with my fiance.

Hope you all had a great Loot filled weekend.


Captain The First said...

Hehe yeah I feel you on that damned rat. I probably have enough drowned rat carcasses to animate me a whole army of rodents.

Makes me wonder how bad that sewer water must be if you only seem to pull out rat corpses.

I thought rats were quite the avid swimmers... hmmmm

Darraxus said...

It got to the point where I was killing all the rat that ran near me hoping it would enrage the giant one onto my fishing pole!

Miss Elf said...

OK a few responses to your post :).

Having 2 Paladins with Beacon on Patchwerk makes healing this fight a lot smoother. It's one area where we truly shine; this fight is the perfect example of great uses for Beacon of Light.

Your fiance sounds so sweet! Another thing to remind me of what the game used to be like to play. It doesn't matter how many times I reroll, I can't capture that feeling back. You guys must be having a BLAST!

Also, I LOVE that frog quest where you can one shot them. Best quest ever!

"Much the same way that I had to buy her all three Saber mounts because she didnt want the other ones to feel left out."
Ohh stop, it's just too cute!!

I've been running for Baron's mount too. A bit pointless, really, as I'm Horde, but I don't have a skeletal mount and I just wanted it from my days of playing Alliance. I lost all my motivation when I saw how much they buffed the drop rate, though. :(

I went in there last night for the first time at level 80. It's so much quicker to run now. I'm yet to see an epic in there, though I DID see one at level 60!

thedoctor said...

"Much the same way that I had to buy her all three Saber mounts because she didnt want the other ones to feel left out."


that statement is full of win