Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weds Night is Money Night

I play WoW every Weds night, and it is usually the night I make my coffers fat. I have everything planned out.

First hour, I plan on farming fish to make food to sell on the AH. I have been making a killing off of the strength food (yay for all the DKs, Warriors, and Paladins).

My plans for tonight also include (hopefully) both Archavon raids. I am hoping for a wonderful 7.5 Dreadnaught chest in the 25 man version. Probably try to bring a pally or druid tank so I dont have any competition.

All of the aside, I think I am going to far Strat dead some more for the Baron's mount. It is quite easy and I always make a good chunk of change. If I clear most of the mobs, I usually make about 50 gold vendoring items off of bosses and trash, 50 or so gold from Runecloth sold on the AH, 25 or so gold on the BoE blues, and usually around 100 gold for the stuff I disenchant to sell. I also make a decent chunk of change from the Crypt Crawler Parts and the Bone Fragments. I also picked up an epic on one of my last runs which sold on the AH for about 250 gold.

I dont mind the grind for the Baron's mount because I am making tons of money in the process.

Edit: I had to install a new Sitemeter as my old one seemed to mess up. Last I checked I had over 100 plus views yesterday, then this morning it said I had 23 all of yesterday. Anyone know anything about a problem like that?


thedoctor said...

Kudos for keeping up with the Barons run. I remember when I played my dwarf warrior in vanilla wow and ran UD Strat seriously 500+ times for various reason.

I am glad that I have not stepped in there since the release of TBC

In regards to your site meter, I just had the same thing happen to me as well. However, when I installed the new meter, everything seemed back to normal


Darraxus said...

Yeah, the Baron's mount is pretty sweet and I make nice gold doing it so what the hell. Also, I contacted sitemeter, and they fixed my old one and got it running again.