Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Once again I had a pretty busy weekend in WoW. First, I got to play with my fiance quite a bit more. Her Druid is now at 63.5 and I hope to start making some real leveling progress next weekend. The reason she only gained about 1.5 levels is due to the fact that we mostly ran thru Strat Dead....over and over and over. We did Strat Live once as well for the achievement and I completed the questline that netted me a Lightsaber lookalike sword lol.

I eventually ended up spending several hundred gold on runecloth as I would rather go and do something else besides run Strat over and over. In short, she got her ridiculous and was VERY excited.

As far as play minus the missus, I did a bit of raiding this weekend. I did a pug Naxx 25 that had already apparently cleared the plague and arachnid wings. We cleared Patchwerk, Grobbulus, and Gluth. This was the first time seeing any of these bosses go down for me. We didnt kill Thaddius, but it was due to people not switching properly and not having the DPS to beat the enrage.

I got the Sand Worn Band, which is a pretty decent tanking upgrade for me. Unfortunately, I did not know the loot rules before I rolled, so I ended up losing out on my 7.5 chest off of Gluth when someone brought up that I had won the ring. On a personal note, I set my new personal DPS record when I did over 2k on Patchwerk!!!

I dont know if it is lag or just being bad, but how do so many people die on some of these encounters. Heigan is incredibly easy, yet it seems like people are constantly dying. HOW DO PEOPLE DIE ON FROGGER????? This Naxx pug was my first time doing it and I ran thru them roughly 5 times without dying once. Same goes for Thaddius. I have plus I go on oneside, minus, I go on the other. I had never done the encounter and only died when he enraged and killed everyone.

For some reason, I also got the questing itch and finished all of Stormpeaks. There are two very epic quest lines out there besides the Hodir line. One of them involves taking down a monstrous Collossus (which I killed minus my worm pet for the last 15 percent of his health), and the other is the one where you find out the wherebouts of Muraden. I wont spoil anything else, but it is completly epic. I actually made close to a thousand gold finishing up the zone. I also did the quest to get myself the new version of the repair bot :)

I have actually started doing my dailies as religiously as I can. The Hodir dailies are a must, and I am about half way thru honored right now. Thank goodness most of the mobs I have to kill drop relics. I am also going to start doing the Kaluak dailies every day as I really want the fishing pole and the little penguin pet.

I got a little bit of time in on my Druid over the weekend as well and logged out around 1.5 bubbles from level 72. I hated logging out that close to dinging, but it was already about 1215 AM and I had to be up for work this morning at 5 AM. I imagine I will get that level tonight after I do the dailies.

I am very torn when It comes to the Holliday achievement. This one does not seem all that difficult, just annoying and time consuming. I have picked up about 10 elder coins without trying or even looking for the elders. I did have fun ganking a few Horde in IF who came in to get the coin though.

Finally, I got into a fail pug if there ever was one. I decided that I wanted to tank Heroic Strat as I had never been in either version of the intance. This was a fail pug all the way thru and ended up with me putting the healer on the ignore list. Basics of the instance include:

Poor DPS: We had a decent mage putting out 1800 DPS. The other two DPS were an Arms Warrior doing 1000 DPS and a Warlock doing 900 DPS. I figured with solid healing and tanking, it wouldnt really matter. Too bad we didnt have solid healing. I was having to blow my tanking cooldowns on trash constantly to survive. The healer was a resto Druid with 13k mana and only doing 1400 HPS. He let me die several times which resulted in wipes. He then had the audacity to ask me what my defense and armor are.

1) I am wearing pretty much full 10/25/Heroic epics. I am defense capped. I am in a respected raiding guild. I know what I am doing.

2) I am not a Druid. WTF does my armor have to do with anything? Im not wearing mail or leather gear......thats how much my fucking armor is.

The crappy fury warrior left the group and they picked up an equally crappy DK. The fury warrior was from the same guild as the Healer who went on my ignore list. After another wipe or two, the healer left group. Just a warning to anybody playing on Scarlet Crusade, do not group with anbody from the guild (Danger Rangers). They are absolutely terrible, and I am pretty sure that they are a bunch of 12 year olds considering that they were posting drops from the instance while I was tanking trash pulls and wondering why we died.

I may try to get a guild run of Strat tonight, so I can actually see the completion of the instance.

Anyways, I hope you guys and gals had fun loot filled weekends!

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