Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Pet Scrounging

I had very little play time last night, so I decided to scrounge up a few more vanity pets. I knew that I would certainly have time to go get the pets out in Netherstorm....which I did after grabbing a few moths off the AH (I know I could have gotten them for cheaper, but I was helping out a fellow entrepreneur). I head out to Netherstorm, gather too sets of the pets (fiance will want the too) and mail half of them to my fiance.

I then decide that Im going to head to Black Rock Spire to grab the spider pet and the Worg pet. At 80, this is incredibly easy as I was able to basically skip most mobs. All told, it took me about 5-10 minutes to get both pets.

That puts me at 38 pets last I checked. Still need 12 more for the free pet skunk so I am going to have to plan accordingly.

When fiance checked her mailbox, she was very excited for all of her new pets. I asked her which one she liked best. Was it the exotic dragonhawk? The nastly little cockroach? The expensive Mana Wyrmling? No, as she put it, it was the "Siamese kitty". Face palm! Anyways, after opening her pet laden mail, she got the 15 pets achievement.

Does anybody know when kids weeks is so that I can do the two yearly pet quests?

Anyways, that it for now. Keep tanking and....errrrrr.... pet collecting and stuff?


Occeleta said...

Don't forget. You can get a robot chicken pet by completing all the Robot Chicken Escorts in Tanaris, Hinterlands, and Feralas. I still need to do it myself for Occeleta

Darraxus said...

Oh yeah, and it should be easy now. Just have to get the stupid things to drop.