Thursday, January 15, 2009

Last Night

As always, my carefully crafted plans goy shot down. As soon as I logged in, one of our healers wanted to run some heroics for rep. I was the only tank who was not in Naxx.....yay me. First we ran UK heroic which was easy as always. I ended up coming in second in damage done behind our raid leader. The other two DPS were apparently fresh 80s (a Boomkin and Huntard). The Hunter had a green bow 0_0.

Anyways, we cleared the instance with no problem and our Raid leader (uber fury warrior) had to leave. We picked up another fresh 80 (also a fury warrior) and headed up to UP. The fury warrior was still wearing several level 70 items including Stormherald.

Add to this excitement that this was the first time in for all three DPS. Add in that I ended up leading the run in damage. If you add it all up, it had fail written all over it. Actually, it was a pretty good run. Despite the low DPS, we only had 2 wipes. Once on the Gauntlet (after Skadi was already down) and once on the last boss (stay away from the orb noob). I guess it goes to show that good players can make up for a lack of gear by knowing what the hell they should be doing.

After those two heroics, I went and farmed a few stacks of Dragonfin to make into Dragonfin filet and put on the AH. I was in LFG for Archavon, but nothing was happening there unfortunately.

Eventually I decided I was going to go and run Strat for the mount. When I got to EPL, I decided I didnt feel like it and hearted back to Shatt. I tried fishing for the giant sewer rat for about 20 minutes before getting bored. I was bored to the point where I actually went and did my Hodir dailies. BTW, how many dailies are there? I have the shining the helm one, the anvil one, and the horn one. Do more unlock at honored?

So that was my exciting evening.


Anonymous said...

there's the helm, blow the horn,dragon, feed the king,the anvil/hot metal, and 2 others i think.
i fail at names

Anonymous said...

Yes, two more daily quests at honored and one more at revered, plus the Everfrost Chip turn-ins. When 3.0.8 will will go live you will also be able to turn-in Ulduar Relics for rep. (haven't manage to find anymore details on it though so it might change once it's live)

Anonymous said...

My bf has 6 that he does at the moment. I think he's honored.

Darraxus said...

OK cool. I was hoping that I wouldnt be stuck with three all the way to exalted 0_0. Shouldnt be too much longer till I hit honored and pick up a few more.

Herc said...

Polishing the helm,Horn quest, Kill Dragon, Feed the king, Kill the spies and Hot and cold.

Now that I'm exalted I still do feed the king, spies and polishing the helm when I'm gathering some mammoth meat in the area.

Darraxus said...

Well I guess i have those other ones to look forward to. I unfortunately slacked off bigtime, so I have some catching up to do.

thedoctor said...

Killing that damn dragon sucks ALOT

Maybe I just fail - but I always end up dying and give up. I guess I could do it naked so I won't have to pay for repair bills.

"I didnt feel like it and hearted back to Shatt."

Your hearth is still in Shatt? Get with the times Darraxus! Geez! lol =P

Darraxus said...

Lol just said that out of habit. Hearth is in Dalaran :)