Friday, January 23, 2009

Hunter Nerfs

I am currently leveling my Hunter with my fiance. They are both sitting at level 62. I messed around with him a little bit to see how much Beastmastery was nerfed. They whacked us pretty good.

I am not going to go over all of the changes because you can just go anywhere and read the patch notes. I will give some comparisons before and after though.

First, before the patch as Beast mastery, I was doing close to 400 DPS on mobs running around outland. In a single target burst situation (such as the level 60 training dummies), I was doing around 500 DPS.

Now during my leveling, I am doing closer to 300 DPS. I decided to give Survival a go, and it had some very good abilities. I had a much higher DPS on the target dummy. However, in a soloing situation, my DPS was actually significantly less due to the fact that I had to lay off a bit on damage because my pet was not doing near as much. On the target dummies I was doing close to 500 DPS, but in Outlands questing I was only doing around 280 due to pulling back.

It is completly obvious that Beastmastery was nerfed A LOT. However, I believe it is still the most efficient way to level. You dont pull off of your pet near as much, and you pet is much tougher. Once you hit 80, survival will be the way to go. So, if you are still leveling, just stay BM. If you have hit 80, I would strongly suggest Survival as it has a very good damage potential as well as buffs for the raid.


Fish said...

Yay hunter nerfs!! I was hoping for a more debilitating into the ground nerf (I just don't care for hunters). Our highest level hunter in the guild whined for a solid hour after the nerfs, it was pretty funny.

No one likes every class right?

Darraxus said...

I like every class ok. I am more of a hater of individuals. I dont know why all the crying with the nerf. Just change specs and get over it. They will bring more raid utility now as well.

Anonymous said...

The 50% less damage with the mana restore aspect up caused me to leave my tier 5 hunter at level 70.

I'm really trying to avoid the fotm Pally and DK. DK got a little nerf in 3.0.8. But Ret Pally's in PvP still need a nerf.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, the Viper Nerf hurt a lot as it was no longer viable to just keep viper up for pretty much entire fights. I takes a bit more prep, but I usually switch to Viper between pulls and it fills me up a bit. When Im guesting I kill one mob with Viper up and im basically back up to full mana.