Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tanking: Masochism at its best :)

Tanking is just that. Masochism.....not to be confused with Nachochism, which sounds like something Ratshag would call Nachos (and I almost typed 0_0).

Tanks run in, gather up all the baddies, and piss them all off enough to beat on us (kinda like the guys from Oasis). We do this over and over again, and for what reason?

I dont know what the reason is for a lot of people, but I dout because I enjoy it. I have a lot of fun tanking things (a.k.a staring at a bosses crotch for 5 plus minutes). I also enjoy being part of a group that is working towards a common goal. Everyone working in perfect synergy to get a boss down. I personally love new gear. It is one of the reasons I play (not gonna lie), but the main reason I play is that I love playing the game with friends.

Tanking is a personal choice. Some people think it is because of EGO. In some cases it may be. I have seem my fair share of egotistical everything in this game. I endure the 100 gold repair bills, getting beat on, and being blamed for things because I love to tank. You either love it or you dont. You are either good at it or you arent. It is possible to be one without the other, but easier to be one if you are the other (sorry for that Bilbo like sentence).

So, for all of you non tanks out there.....give it a try sometime. It may seem like just getting or hard skulls pounded on, but you are always in the thick of things having a great time.


Captain The First said...

I love to tank... but I don't enjoy people's commentary and blamethrowing so I tend to just go out and tank things by my lonesome or with a guild healer.

I don't really enjoy marking and I can't find my way out of a broom closet even if I've been there before so my tanking generally is limited to guild only things.

If they say anything I can do evil things like take their bank access away... even if they're right hehe

Darraxus said...

LOL. I hear you on that one. I generally wont throw blame around in a group if I can help it. I may say....hey healer, can you not face pull anymore mobs, or please dont pull things yourslef when I have no rage. I never go on a "YOU FVCKING SUCK LRN2PLY NOOOB" rant. That rarely helps anyone and just makes you own bloodpressure skyrocket.

Orgauth said...

"Ego scales with stamina." =)

Darraxus said...

Lol, that would be an awesome saying to put on a piece of tanking plater.

Tankspot Breastplate
68 strength
195 stamina
85 block rating
70 dodge rating
65 defense
3 blue sockets

"Ego Scales with Stamina"

Occeleta said...

hmmm. Blamethrowing. Like when tank blames healer for being targeted by the couple casters he didn't LoS pull. Or telling A Unholy Death Knight to stop attacking the X when skull is up, even though he is attacking skull and the small threat from pestilence and diseases out TPS's him. And still blames DK even after said DK waits for established threat and still pulls of tank. Like that?

Darraxus said...

LOL. What run was that in?

Fish said...

Lol ego DOES scale with stamina, or maybe Health.

You're right, I couldn't really say why I enjoy as many mobs beating on me as possible (the more the merrier) then looking at a pile of corpses, I just do.

I tank because it feels right.

Billy Wallace said...

Yeah, I've had a few wipetastic nasty nights of pugging lately. At the end all I take home is 100+ G repair bills and blame. Even though the incoming heals were paltry and seldom, and the dps couldn't see a skull if it hit them in the recount-bound eye. I'm not a great tank, but there's a lot of reaaally bad players out there too. But I come back night after night. And one thing I secretly check in recount after each run is the activity tab. When mine is double the next contender I remember standing back with my mage and mashing the same three buttons and I realize that dps got boring for me.
So I am a tank, let the damage and flaming come. I have >26000 hp unbuffed...I can take it.

Ixobelle said...

my first toon which i played forever was an undead prot tank.

the best part of tanking is that you naturally become the raid/party leader. You're the important one calling all the shots, and telling people what to do... CC this mob, stunlock that one, don't DPS until I say, heal me dammit.

You're also the one everyone is looking at, literally, on their screens. They see the boss, and they see you. Some people thrive on this spotlight, and i won;t say I didn't enjoy feeling more important than DPS#34z. If your dps dies, it's still totally doable. If your healer dies, there's even still a chance that lucky dodges or procs (or last stand / shield wall) can still save the day.

if the tank dies, it's a wipe.