Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mission: Ridiculous....Complete

Pretty much all of yesterday was spent running Strat Dead for Runecloth so that my fiance could get her Ridiulous (aka Mechanostrider). With tons of runs thru Strat and a bunch of gold spent on the AH (hey, I have other things I want to do besides run start all day) we finally got ehr the mechanostrider. Right after that, we went to Terrokar where we did the Skywing quest so that she could add another pet to her collection (and mine as well).

I am at 44 pets. 6 more to get the 50 pet achievement and Stinker. 

I will do an update on the rest of thew weekend tommorow including Raiding, Dailies, leveling, and perhaps another Warrior guide.

1 comment:

Fish said...

Whenever I need runecloth, I always run through BRD, plenty of cloth and I pretty much don't have to worry about mobs.

Although you prolly get better loot in strat. . .