Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gold making by Jewelcrafting

To be honest, so far it has been pretty slow. What sold the best were the things that I disenchanted while I was leveling 0_0.

So far it appears that green quality gems sell very slowly. I have sold a few of the spell power gems and that is about it as far as green quality goes.

Obviously, I do not have a ton of cuts yet as I barely got to where I can do the JC dailies a few days back. The one gem cut I picked up was the plus 16 hit gem pattern. The gems sell for a decent amount and I figured that everyone could use the hit gems at some point. I figure it will make a lot more money when dual spec comes out.

The problem with gems seems to be that people are flooding the market and viciously undercutting everyone else. I am seeing several blue quality gems that are well under 20 gold each now due to people just trying to dump them and not really make a profit. I find this to be extremly annoying.

As it looks right now, in order to actually make profit off of prospecting a stack of saronite, I would have to hope for a red, yellow, or orange gem. The blue, green, and purple ones appear to go for next to nothing.

One that is good for making a bit of cash is creating the stoneguard bands and DEing them. Doing this I got about 4-6 stacks of dust and 9 greater essences. I put the dust up for more money than it is really going for now, but since enchanting mats do not cost an AH deposit, there is really no harm in it. If I dont end up selling them I still have lots of mats to enchant my Druid's gear when I get him to 80.

Just a quick question on the dailies. I got the one today that I have to kill Revenants for a piece. Does anybody know if the little ice guys in Howling Fjorde count towards that?

On to other WoW news. Last night I played a bit with my fiance and we got my Paladin and her Druid to level 72. I think she is absolutely adorable when we play, but also completely bossy :) She want to loot every single mob that we kill (which I actually dont really have a problem with). She also insists that I ride my Alterac Ram instead of my Paladin mount because it looks funnier when I do the mouse spin (which is another thing she demands I do). She will even sit there not moving and doing the ole' throat clear to let me know she wants me to ride the ram 0_0. She is off today, so in a ploy to get her to level some of her professions, I told her if she was bored to go farm some low level herbs and I will buy them from her (I just started inscription).


Vads said...

The Fiancé stuff really made me giggle :)

The ex and I used to play together quite a bit and the things you mention brings back some similar stories.

I lost count quite early on how many times I was called a ninja when killing stuff with group loot, if it happened to be my turn to loot random junk off the previous mob, the next one dies and i picked up the coin (which gets shared of course) from the next one if it had only coin and no other loot. :)

On topic! I've gotten around to skill up JC eventually on my shaman alt as well and trying to sell what I can from it, but so far I'm losing more than I'm earning.

I made some of those stone-something rings too which turn into nice dust income, but uh, let me know if you find some good use for that mountain of uncommon gems will you ?

I tried to make a couple Icy prisms, but considering the frozen orb thrown into the mats, I'm so far losing out on that business too :/

I'm wondering if it isnt better to just AH the ores instead of hoping for scarlet rubies prospected at this point..

Darraxus said...

As far as I can see, the only good use for the uncommon gems is for the JC dailies and hoping that you get a 'perfect' cut which will actually sell decently on the AH. Other than that, they just take up a lot of bag space apparently.

Orgauth said...

"One that is good for making a bit of cash is creating the stoneguard bands and DEing them"

I stumbled across another good JC/enchanter combo in this vein - craft/DE Shadowmight rings, especially if the eternals are running cheap in the AH (aside from the eternals gathered easily through mining). Buy, craft, DE, sell, profit.

Herc said...

Stoneguard band route made me a good chunk of gold but the mats for it just went up so I stopped doing it.

I buy stacks of saronite ore to prospect if they are under 20 gold or else I might end up losing money.

I stick with bold scarlet ruby for cut gems to sell otherwise I just sell them raw which like you said are close to useless if I get the shitty ones.

I have stopped selling actively in the past week. I had a good run though right after leveling jewelcrafting, I made about 4k gold which isn't bad. I got about 10k+ gold now on all account which means I don't have to farm for consumables when Ulduar comes out.

Maybe I'll start again this weekend. I have been thinking about my hunter though who has herbalism and alchemy. I wonder how they are doing on AH.

Orgauth said...

Sell the saronite ore vs. prospecting it: The (admittedly) oversimplified method I use is to compare the sum total of the current market values of one of each rare uncut gem (since there is an equal chance of each being prospected) to the current market value of 6 stacks of saronite ore. Over the long run, my observed rare gem rate is slightly above 1 per stack of ore.

Example (last night's rough estimate):
Scarlet Ruby 90g
Monarch Topaz 40g
Autumn's Glow 30g
Forest Emerald 8g
Sky Sapphire 8g
Twilight Opal 20g

Saronite Ore 28g

Slight edge given to prospecting. One other minor (pun not intended) factor - listing a gem costs less than listing a stack of ore (IIRC).

Bent said...

I have also been disapointed in my ability to make gold with JC on my server. A stack of Ore sells for about 22g. Meaning it costs about 5.25g per prospect. A stack of 20 raw green gems will sell for about 40gold max on my server. So I'm losing about 3gold per prospect that doesn't proc a rare gem or two greens. Unless the Orange or Red rare gem procs I generally won't break even or turn a profit.

Cut green gems set for 1-3g each of they sell. Basic Skyflare cut gems are worth about 30g. Earthsiege 50g. Most cut gems sell for about 10g more than the raw gem. Some cut gems sell for less than the raw gem...

Undercutting is the huge problem. Recipes are much easier to get in WotlK tham BC. Due to that more people have them and are selling below value.

To make any money you really have to watch the AH and post gems up that aren't flooded, and then don't expect too much.

Some of the blue rings sell alright for little investment, but take awhile to move. I can sell ~1 ring of scarlet shadows a week for 250-300gold.

But yeah, the days of buying a ton of ore and just prospecting it and turning a profit seems to be over on my server. I'm just sad I never experienced them.

Darraxus said...

Well, part of the reason I leveled it was for potential profit, but mainly to have my own gems and the bonus gems for raiding when I get there.

Occeleta said...

I tried to warn you about the drop in JCing profits. I leveled it up in time to enjoy several weeks if only competing with 4-6 other JCers but had to watch as dozens more appeared every week. Soon the Vivid Forest Emerald market that I had to myself and was selling for 60-80g dropped to measly 15-20g. I made an easy 5-6k but have since dropped out of the JC market. There's still gold to be made on certain cuts but it's all about timing now. Gotta watch the AH like a hawk now to we what and when to post

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I figured, but I like the fact that I can get my own gems and cut them. Gonna level inscription probably for the same reason (and I dont want to grind Hodir rep with my Druid).

Anonymous said...

How to make money as a JC? Do your JC daily and convert it into a dragon's eye. Every day. In December I was selling them for 500-600g a day, dropped now obviously to 200g a day. That is 200g for a max 15 minute investment. The gems are painfully easy to get cut by simply requesting a JC in trade. If you can sell a dragon's eye for 180g, that means each blue gem cut costs 540g. Not worth it when so many other people have them for a 10g tip,

Orgauth said...

A followup to JC/enchanting combo:

Had my account hacked the weekend prior to this thread, and had just gotten everything restored on Tuesday (3/3) - around 2500g across my toons. By Thursday, I had enough to cover epic flight for my druid (2500g acquired), and at end of day yesterday (Sunday), I had built my balance back up to 3000g+. Five days - 5500g. Nearly all from crafting cheap rings and DEing them. Exception: Someone spammed trade to sell saronite at 15g per stack. I bought all 16 stacks (240g), and ended up with 7 scarlet rubies, 1 monarch topaz, and 2 autumn's glow for my investment.

Crafting/DEing the Level 70-required rings (2 crystallized earth and 1 red/yellow/blue/orange uncommon gem) takes more time than the Shadowmight or Stoneguard rings, but it yields more mats to sell in the end.

Hunter gets her epic flyer this weekend, then it's on to the Nobles Deck and Chopper for the Paladin main!