Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

Woot! Finally got the rep needed to get the schematic for my Chopper! That is Occeleta riding in the sidecar on his DK Deday. Note: Don't jump into the well in Dalaran if you have someone in your side car. You will make it, but they fall through the city to their death.....just ask Deday.
I finally got the mount I wanted. All it took was a bit of boredom. After doing my Oracle dailies, I looked around and could not find any raids. Then I said, "Self, you should work on that Alliance Vanguard rep for your Choppa". I figured I would run a few heroics despite not needing the emblems. I figured we would start with CoS since it is a pretty fun instance and I would like to pick of the Royal Crest of Lordaeron (being at 551 defense now). I gathered up Occeleta on his hunter, a new Boomkin recruit from guild, my former arena partned Muralyon on his resto shaman (Muralyon has a shot at getting three Frost Wyrm mounts this season 0_0), and former guildy and feral Druid Edoran.
We had planned on the timed run and were making decent time. Eventually, we wiped on the last few waves leading up to the extra boss when our healer ran dry on mana. We regrouped and cleared our way back through....wait.....where is Arthas? Oh yeah, we did not talk to him. So we cleared our way back thru respawns and then back again (nice for rep, not so much for time). Took down the boss, shield did not drop, /shrug.
At this point, I could practically smell my new Chopper. We decided to head to Heroic UK minus our Boomkin who had to go to bed and the feral Druid, who went back to leveling his Shaman. I picked up a Rogue recruit from guild as well as long time friend and former guildy Hoy on his DK. We gathered up and blasted thru UK in about 20 minutes without a death.
At this point I was about 800 rep from exalted! We decided to hit up Heroic
Violet Hold since it is an incredibly quick and easy instance. We got the Aarakkoa boss first and then Lavanthor the big ugly dog. I got Lavanthor's Talisman (which will make for a very nice trash piece). The only death was me. After we took down the big doggy, I had a fire dot on me. Apparently, this was a good time for the healer to alt tab. /facepalm.
After the run, I headed to Howing Fjorde to pick up the recipe (320 gold 0_0) then back up to K3 for the rest of the parts I needed. It was a nice night indeed.
The Quest for the Black Ridiculous: Is still going on. I did a bit more PvP with my fiance yesterday, bringing my Warlock this time around. It certainly helps having almost 500 resilience and over 13k HP when getting smacked around. I think I will make my Warlock a level 70 twink for the time being. At the end of the day, my fiance was sitting at 13 AV marks, 17 AB marks, and 10 or 11 Warsong marks. Warsong is going to be a pain in the ass since Alliance seemingly loses every single one. AV is gonna suck as well thanks to 40 minute waits. PVP makes my blood boil.

edit (sorry if it looks like a wall O text. I spaced it out and tried fixing it several times to no avail)


Megan said...

Note to self.. jump into the well with someone in the sidecar when my Pally makes her bike.

ke ke ke

Syrana said...

At least they didn't get stuck in the well... ;)

Peter Max said...

seriously Ive watched this movie many times ^_^ I like his every move and step he took I'm the biggest fan of this movie .. I just bought Harley Davidson Biker Leather Jacket couple of days back and I'm pretty glad now :)