Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Update

First, I just wanted to say thanks to WoWInsider, I got a lot of viewers and some great comments. Thank you to everyone who has stopped by. Anyways, on the the weekend in WoW.

Leveling: I finally did it. My Druid is 80 and ready to go. It took a large chunk of my playtime to get there, but was worth it. I now have a healer and a tank to play at level 80 woohoo. I did this pretty much solo, and it started by finishing off Dragonblight for the Might of Dragonblight achievement. After that, I shifted over to Grizzly Hills, where I got through about 2/3 of the quests before dinging while turning in a quest at the Westfall Garrison. Next up will be my Pally assuming I can get my fiance to pay stay focused on leveling and not the other things in the game 0_0.

Raiding: I honestly did not get to do a TON of raiding over the weekend, but did get some done. On my Warrior, I only managed to get into a 25 man Vault for two quick emblems and zero good drops as per usual. The fun part was that I got to raid with my Druid without ever setting foot into a Heroic. First I got an invite to 10 man Archavon which was one shotted with no problem.

Then, I put myself in LFG and got an invite to do 10 man Naxx. I think they were a bit hesitant at first due to me having just under 1400 spell power in Tree Form, but I got the invite anyways. The other two healers were a pretty well geared Pally and a Holy Priest who was sporting the Torch from KT 25 and mostly il213 gear. We started with the Spider wing as per usual, and one shotted Anub with 9 men (did not do a ready check and come to find out the top DPS (a Hunter) was AFK for the entire fight. On Faerlina, we had a problem with our DK tank killing two of the Worshippers right after the first enrage. We just healed through the third enrage and took her down. Next up, we took down Maexxna on one shot despite the tank getting killed in an enraged web wrap. I got a shiny new necklace out of it!

From there, we moved on to the Plague Quarter. We started by easily one shotting the first boss. The tanks did a very nice job on this fight and there were rarely any stray adds. After that was the infamous Heigan. I had never died on this fight previously unless it was a wipe. I died 3 times :( The first time was a wipe as the timer was off and most of us healers got wiped out by the plague followed by a wall of nasty. We downed him on the second attempt, but towards the end I died while I was trying to heal during the actual dance phase. I popped my SS only to die immediately O.o. From there, we went and one shotted Loatheb and I got my t7 shoulders!

After that we decided on Abom wing. We went in and one shotted Patchwerk despite him getting close to his enrage timer. We ended up calling it after a 5 percent wipe on Grobbulus due to the fact that it was late and people had to get going. The group I was in probably could have cleared all 4 quarters in the time it took to clear 2 plus, but there were a lot of AFKs and a lot of long winded explanations.

One of the coolest things was that I ended up first on the healing meters by a large margin. The well geared priest was actually third on the meter somehow. I think it may have had something to do with casting 80 percent flash heals. I got some emblems and some loot and some nice experience as a healer in Naxx.

Farming/Misc: I did not do any of my normal farming over the weekend. I did not farm any saronite or herbs etc. for profit. What I did farm was some pets. I mostly did this for my fiance so that she could get a bit closer to the 50 pet achievement. This all started when I got hitched a ride to BRD with my buddy t get some Dark Iron Ale to get Jub Jub. We went to the faire and completed the quest for the egg and the rest is History. After tha, she bought a Golden Dragonhawk (only faction pet she did not have yet) and three Holliday pets including the Red Winter Helper (which she thought was hideous lol), the Snowman, and the Reindeer Bell. As a bargain for me finishing up leveling my Druid, I then took her into Black Rock Spire to get her the Worg Pup and the Spider Hatchling. From there we went and continued the quest chain to get her sprite darter by stopping off in Feralas. While she was picking a random flower, I decided to smash a nearby Ogre.

From the Ogre, I got the Distress Beacon for the area to escort the robot chicken to safety. After we got the next step of the Sprite Darter quest, we escorted the chicken to safety and flew to Gadgetzan since the next step of the Sprite Darter quest was in the Shimmering Flats. We decided that while we were here, we might as well try to get the other distress beacon. Long story short, about 1.5 hours later and hundreds of dead pirates, we got it. I had already done the first part of the quest years ago, and actually still had the explanation point on the chicken. I never completed it at the appropriate level as taking on 4 mobs as a lower level warrior pre BC was just not really feasible.

After finally completing that quest, we made our way out to the Hinterlands for the next part of the Sprite Darter quest. Conveniently enough, the third distress beacon also drops on this zone. We go into the wilderness to get some meat for the Sprite Darter and find the Distress Beacon. Another 1.5 hours later and the death of many wolves, owlkin, and trolls, it finally dropped. We escorted the chicken to safety and went back to Aerie Peak to get my fiance her new Sprite Darter!

That of course was followed by us flying down to Booty Bay where we both obtained the Robot Chicken! She is now only about 6-7 pets away from getting the 50 pet achievement.

Overall, I had a great weekend and a lot of fun both raiding and playing with my fiance (despite the lack of actual leveling with her).

I hope you all had a wonderful and loot filled weekend like I did!


Dorgol said...

I love that Robot Chicken. I got it on my warrior back in the day, and it was his preferred pet because it was relatively rare.

Now I have a Paladin collecting pets and I don't know which of the escorts I have completed. I may just use my Deathknight to do the quests since the final reward isn't BOP... :)

Darraxus said...

Those damn chickens are probably rare because of the fact that the quests are so damn annoying. You would have to quest in each zone, get luck with a drop and be able to complete the quest or just go back like I did it. I do like the pet though.

Anonymous said...

I always loved the robot chicken as well, to the point that I used to automatically pull out the robot chicken every time I mounted my big robot chicken (and before I had the little Robot chicken, I would pull out the Westfall chicken).

Nice weekend Darraxus!

Leah said...

Grats on hitting 80 and a Robot chicken :) when i first encountered that quest - i failed it and then the damn beacon never once dropped for me again, on my main. hmmm - I might do that on one of my alts and just mail it - didn't realize that chicken itself was BoE :)

regarding the priest and flashes of light.. (I've been playing my priest a lot lately :P)

with his level of gear - his flashes hit for almost as much as greater heals with lesser gear, but are almost twice as fast. when healing 10man with 2 other healers, one of them - ultra fast paladin and another - a druid who can effortlessly cover the entire raid in hots - third healer got to be fast to get his/her heals in. though I hope that the rest of his heals was prayer of mending, bouncing constantly (otherwise I take my defence back)

Faerlina - I don't remember when was the last time we did her the normal way (as in killing the worshiper to remove enrage) every 80 alt in our guild has "Mama says knock you out" ever since we got it by accident and realized that its really NOT that difficult to heal through :P

Darraxus said...

@ Leah: You can always go back to where the chicken was and pick the quest up again. That is what I did. You dont need to find the beacon again because you already started the chain.

Also, regarding the priest, she put out 1000 HPS. That seemed very low to me as she was outhealed by 300 hps from a lesser geared Pally.

thedoctor said...

"First, I just wanted to say thanks to WoWInsider, I got a lot of viewers and some great comments. Thank you to everyone who has stopped by. Anyways, on the the weekend in WoW."

I dont read your blog (or anyone elses for that matter) for a week and you are on WOWinsider?? WOOHOO! gratz dude

Still can't believe you got your t7 shoulders on your first Naxx run...its just not fair =P

Gratz again bro

Anonymous said...

wow - that's really way too low for holy.. off day? she's a raid leader's girflriend so she got carried by a guild that already geared up its official raiders? the character was played by a child of the actual player or something?


thank you for the suggestion - i'm goign to try and go back and get mah chicken once servers go back up :)