Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun PvP opportunities

Being on an RP server, I dont have a lot of chances for World PVP. Random PVP is probably the most fun in the game. A few Arena seasons back when the queues were ridiculously long, a friend and I would run out and try to find flagged horde to give a good kicking too. I would go out and farm on my Warlock flagged for the chance of a sneaky rogue coming to get me.

One such instance was pre Wrath on my Warlock. The PvP Auchendoun towers daily was almost up so I was waiting flagged on top of a tower to get my daily done. I come back and find myself dead. Ganked by a little rogue. I come back fly to the top, kill the Rogue and take my place atop the throne. He came back 4 more times and I wiped the floor with him each time despite the small area we had to fight. Ah such fun.

Which brings me to my next story. I was in Bootybay checking to Neutral AH for pets when I notice a whole bunch of Horde killing the Bruisers and such for their "Bloodsail Admiral" title. Amongst them was a flagged level 80 priest. After much debate, I decided to kill him :) I charge in and destroy the priest. He doesnt even get a cast off thanks to concussion blow and heroic throw. The other three managed to take me down (73 Warrior who I almost killed as well, 80 BE DK, and some other class. For that one HK, I got 63 honor.

Sometimes I am glad to be on a carbare server, but occasionally......I get that PVP itch. So beware Horde on Scarlet Crusade. If you are running around flagged, you may find a Dwarf Warrior with 30k health barreling down on you :)


thedoctor said...


PvP servers are the only way to live Darraxus!

They can definietly get annoying though, so I respect your decision to play on your "carebear" server.

It is quite amazing though when something new opens up (ex Sunwell Isle) and the epic battles that unfold.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I have a 43 Tauren warrior on a PVP server, but cant bring myself to spend too much time on him.