Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gold making experiment

My normal farming routine right now is to fly around Scholazar Basin and collect ore while using my mote extractor to get eternals. Shadow and Earth are pretty much worthless at the moment and the usually come with the mine.

Last night I decided to do two different areas and test to see what made more money. First I flew around Scholazar Basin for 1 hour. One thing you will notice about the basin is it is severly over farmed. You will run into many other people doing the same exact thing that you are. The only bonus is that most of them arent engineers and are leaving the clouds behind.

After one hour I had the following from the Basin.

180 Saronite Ore - Saronite Ore is going for roughly 30 gold a stack, so about 270 gold.

4 Eternal Fire - I break the eternal fires down into Crystallized fires and sell them for 7.25 gold each. This come out to about 290 gold.

5 Eternal Water - I also break these down into crysallized fragments and sell them for about 2.5 gold each. This breaks down to about 125 gold.

4 Titanium Ore - With so many farmers running around, Titanium is hard to get when you do see it. You have to be very lucky to pick it up in this area as some farmers just skip over saronite nodes in search of these. These sell for about 12 gold per ore on my server, so roughly 48 gold here.

I also picked up a few green quality gems and eternal earth and shadow. These are pretty much useless unless you turn the earths into an item to DE thru your favorite Jewelcrafter.

So based on this and what you do with the leftovers (Eternals earths and shadow mainly) you can make between 730-1000 gold per hour in Saronite errrrr Sholazar Basin doing mining.

Next I went to Storm Peaks where I only spent around 30 minutes farming. Nodes are somewhat less abundant in this zone, but despite the population of the zone, most everyone is doing Hodir Dailies and not actually farming. I did not run into a single farmer.

The 30 minutes I was farming, I collected the following.

40 Saronite Ore - About 60 gold right here.

2 Eternal Water - 50 gold if broken into crystallized version.

2 Eternal Fire- Broken down into crytallized comes out to about 150 gold.

4 Eternal Air- Eternal Air goes for over 40 gold each on my server and Crystallized seem to sell for around 6 gold per. So broken into Crystallized, it comes out to about 240 gold.

24 Titanium Ore- Once again, Titanium Ore sells for around 12 gold each, so roughly 288 gold worth.

I also picked up a few more Eternal Earth and Shadow Along with an blue quality Orange Gem which goes for around 50 gold.

So, if you break down the farming of this zone, it comes out to approximately 1500-1675 gold per hour.

In conclusion, if you are mining for money, the Basin may seem like the way to go, but due to overfarming, Storm Peaks is actually a much better option and nets you around 700-800 gold per hour more....unless you are on my server.....then disregard this entire message and go farm somewhere else :)


Captain The First said...

I take it that requires an epic flying mount to achieve? Did this actually get better with the 3.0.8 mine the entire node system or are these pre 3.0.8 values?

You might also want to look into mining cobalt in some of the lower zones. Cobalt seems to make more on my server than saronite at the moment but that may be an availability issue.

Either way... a nice chunk of cash you're making there.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I have epic flying which certainly helps. This is post 3.0.8 with all of the one hit mining changes. Cobalt ore should probably be going down now as the main use of it previously was the moke cheap gear to disenchant. Now that the particular gear has had the mats doubled, we should see it going down. Also, no chance at Titanium in Cobalt areas :)

Kinzlayer said...

I have yet to try the Storm Peak zone on my server but the Ice Crown zone is just perfect for my warrior. I'm still 77 but there seems to be a weird bug where the lvl 80 start at 80 then convert to 75 or 77 when I actually fight them so I'm able to hit pretty much most of the nodes, except the one that spawns right by the elites (damn it all). During the later part of the night, I can hit 4 or 5 Titanium nodes, set me up for Titansteel smelting for a few days.

thedoctor said...


I got to level my miner(71 pally)...that is some nice gold your making there.