Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Fail of the Day

Seriously, what is it with Heroic Old Kingdom and short bus DPS being put into my group?

Today.s fucktarded offender is Wickedkitty-Skywall.

One of the first things they did in the instance was face pull a mob. Nice one. Then they proceeded to pretty much be sucktastic.

Overall for the run.....672 DPS. DPS on Nadox......521. I can do that much on my level 63 rogue who doesnt even have AOE spells. Seriously. We didnt get past the first boss as we wiped. Yes wiped. Nobody apparently knows how to switch to the Guardians. Too many little adds spawned and killed the healer while they were immune to damage.

Lets break down all the ways that Wickedkitty here is a winner!

a) 63/7/1 Assasination spec.
b) Using a mace!!!
c) Tanking neck and cloak

Seriously. These are the kind of tards I end up with. How can you be so oblivious to how bad you are doing.

Me: "Nice tank neck Kitty"
Retard: "Thanks"


Now where did I put that muthafucking uppercut?


Vordan said...

You need to change the link for the fail rogue, it is the fail warriors link lol. I got into a reg nexus today on my hordie rogue we were unfortunate to get an 80 paladin in 245 gear, not gemmed, not only that but they never used beacon, divine plea or sacred shield, we wiped 4 times...yeah thats my weekend so far, not as fail as your dps though, maybe?

Vordan said...

Oh and you cant use mutilate without both are they thinking using a mace!!!!

Darraxus said...


Eus said...

(hands over rolled up newspaper) You need this more than me..and to think I thought cookies and milk would work just as well....

Joar said...

Make sure you don't have the "Please Group With Fucktard" box checked in your Dungeon Finder

Vordan said...

@ Joar - Apprently mine has been checked this WHOLE time, I know there was something I was missing.

*vlad* said...

2 Spell trinkets. Impressive, most impressive.

Daniel said...

get a life mate! ;)

Khaelie said...

I ran H VH the other day on my healer shammy and the druid tank was taking like no damage so i thought i would play with DPS while throwing off heals on people as needed. i dont really have a DPS rotation so it was total shit at like 600 with some spikes over 1k, but i am the healer so whatever. so the point of all this is that we had a DK in the same run that took like 1/2 the run to surpass my overall DPS. and i dont think he ever broke 700 overall. /facepalm

Ardent Defender said...

Remember to use screenshots! For moments of idiocy take pictures.