Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I can haz rambles?

So, this post is just a bit of an update on whats going on in the life of Darraxus the Hung....errr Warrior.

I stepped foot into a ToC25 attempted full clear for the first time ever.....as DPS on my Paladin. I must say that I got terribly embarrased by most of the DPS. I outdid a few, but overall I was getting smoked by Rogues and DKs. Part of it may have been that I am not terribly (read: at all) familiar with most of the encounters.

We went in and one shotted the Beasts encounter. Piece of cake. I got a pair of sexy DPS bracers woot woot. The fights really arent that hard as long as people are not dumb.

Next up was Jarraxus which took us until the third try. Basically, we just needed to get the melee DPS to kill the damn Succubus bitches before the sodomized the healers. Once we did that, it was cake. We then one shotted the Faction Champions. That fight seems to be very chaotic overall, but a good amount of fun.

Next up, we two shotted the Valkyrie sluts. Dark meat and White Meat, I think they were called. They were impressed by my Judgement of Sexual Chocolate, which turned out the be the game changer.

Last, but not least we two shotted Anub. Overall, this run was ridiculously easy. I finished 9th in damage on the Anub fight, which was significantly better than most of the other fights (dying a bunch probably didn't help).

I got my second piece of loot off of Anub. It was a trophy. Now I just need to gather up some more emblems and figure out what I want to buy with it. A Druid from the raid wanted to buy it from me for 500 gold. That is like offering to buy Donald Trump's hairpiece for pocket change. It just aint worth it.

As I said previously, I have got the STD known as Altaholism. A burning desire to level other toons......thankfully the burning is not in the nether regions.

I have talked my sister into Power Leveling a Horde Warrior/Priest combo thru instances. I am still using the refer a friend so it is going very quickly. I was at 13 last night and after a few quests this morning I hit 15. I must say that I don't care for some of the Horde zones for questing. I don't like running up and down the map here there and everywhere. I also dont like Dalaran mages that can only be pulled in groups of three or more apparently. I died once and had to pull off all the stops to get that stupid quest done. WTB Heroic Throw.

I love playing a Warrior. I named this one Warrbringer. He is joined by his Priest sidekick Nomnomhealz. Together they are an unstobbable force. One of the reason I don't care to level the old fashioned way is that I loathe going back to the old days without devastate, warbringer, shield slam, and revenge. I am not keen on rend tanking I must say.

Once I hit 60, it will be off to the outlands instances where I will grind, grind, grind. I grabbed Herbalism and Inscription on my Warrior. This should help fund my new Horde on the server. Thankfully my sister gave me 200 gold and some bags....which seem to fill up incredibly fast when you are looting everything in the instance.

On a side note......I hate Ragefire Chasm. That really is a craptastic instance. Not nearly as cool as Deadmines and the whole Goonies vibe. I am currently looting the crap out of Shadowfang Keep....one of my favorite instances. I hope to be moving on the SM before too long. You can get tons of level in there. Basically, SM followed by ZF, and then Strat Dead at 45 will get you to 60.

Yes, I have done this a time or two with RAF active.

My rambling is done. Back to doing something useful.

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