Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Friday!

For this Friday you get the Flyest video around.

When you feel like you need a little motivation...pop this bad boy on and
you will be crane kicking the Blood Princes in no time.

This video is good for:

1) Playing to QQers after you ninja their node
2) Playing after you undercut a bunch of people on the AH
3) You are just generally kick ass

So remember.....YOU'RE THE BEST....AROUND.


Vordan said...

I am definitely not the best, but I aspire to be...maybe? Ill talk to you later when I run your ass through strat. Lets see if we can make 60? Atleast 55, should be easy as pie.

Meka said...

Not bad!
Another recommendation is this
(Clawfinger - Biggest & Best)

It's my "pick me up" song that I play when I feel down. Afterwards, I'll take on the whole damn world. Because I'm the biggest and the best and better than the rest :D