Saturday, January 23, 2010


People do not know how to handle a wipe anymore. I suspect many of these people are Wrath Children and didnt play when wiping was common place and classes were not overpowered.

I am running a 25 man ToC currently. We wiped on Icehowl with like 10 percent health left. He got enraged when someone failed to move. Then several people dropped group. After one fucking wipe. Seriously. Not everything is going to be a loot blitz. Occasionally you have to work for shit. People need to either remember to old days....or learn from their elders. So, I am going to give you my most wipetastic instances of yesteryear.

1) Stratholme. Live or dead. Either was a bitch. Tons of mobs closely packed, patrolling gargoyles, and Eye of Naxxramas made this place rough. Not to mention that the bosses werent really a cakewalk. Getting mind controlled by one of the bosses sucked. The slaughterhouse could be brutal at times as well.

2) Scholomance. Also tons of mobs closely packed together. Mobs, mobs, everywhere. Mobs that summoned more mobs. Bosses that would punt your fucking face in. Pysical damage immune mobs. You name it, that instance threw it at you. Lets not forget kiting explody zombies all of the place.

3) Shadowlabs. This place was a giant piece of shit. Tough pulls with tons of mobs when you had to CC and there was no such thing as Warrior AOE tanking. LOS was the name of the game. No to mention that the bosses could be a major pain in the ass. 17 wipes on the first time I completed this instance at 70. This place was the biggest pain in the ass.

4) Shattered Halls: The gauntlet. That is all I need to say. I was a prot warrior. Doing the gauntlet. With no Shockwave or Thunderclap. Tab targeting ftl. Seriously. This place was wonderful for prot paladins. And a giant fuckfest for Warrior tanks.

What were some of you most wipetastic dungeons.


Mick said...

Botanica was also pretty fucked up.....don't think I ever got that boss you could skip down. Maybe I should go back there now?

Danny said...

Arcatraz. I think I only cleared that shithole twice in my entire BC career. It was worth it for the demon couple arguing while you kill trash, though.

Hana said...

Arcatraz definitely. Many many flights back up to the dungeon. Those infernals that dropped meteors on people's heads were the worst (especially since I was usually healing).

BRD was the end of many a vanilla pug too. And the run back was so awful...

Eversor said...

I know exactly what you mean. On 5 man wipe and that's it. People seriously have no patience.

Vordan said...

As I am tanking now on my prot warrior at level 66..67 into the BC instances, one of the worst dungeons I hate, simply because of how the mobs react is Auchinei Crypts (I probably butchered the first word). Man the first pull in there always gets about every mob and they spawn non elites, so youll have 30 mobs half elite half non elite. Wipe fest galore and everyone leaves group. Also when I was tanking with Vordan when I was aoe prot 50-70 when Sanc was AWESOME, mana tombs wasnt the most pleasant to tank mana from the leechers really screwed mana classes over especially healers.

Vordan said...
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Vordan said...

As for classic. One thing I remember on my first 60 before BC was implemented, was running Stratholme and remember how my group would wipe on the strat rats lol. The banchee mind controled our other warlock and killed out healer. That was a pain in the ass. Probably spent 2 hours in there. Also Sunken Temple...not really because of the mobs which those ghost in the room with the troll is retarded as you cannot hit them but its the fact the first time I ever went in there the group I was in there with spent...five hours in there, I am not kidding or exaggerating. Yes five hours, and we stuck through it, however we never finished. That place still sucks but I know it like the back of my hand now because of that lol.

Pangoria Fallstar said...

Having hopped back on for a 7day retrial, the one thing that annoys me the most, is how many groups I get in, that can't even get past the first few pulls of an instance.

2nd biggest problem, is that there's always someone doing less then 1k dps. How do these people exist?

At least them giving up after one wipe saves me from having to call them out on it.

*vlad* said...

BRD was certainly a step up from what had gone before, back in Vanilla. I wiped a zillion times in that place.

Stratholme - whichever door you went in first, there was a good chance you would wipe on the first group of trash if you didn't do things properly. It happened a lot, but that's what made Strat and Scholo the places to go; difficult, but with perserverance, you could do them.

When BC came out, the heroics were exactly as it says on the tin - heroic!
You had to be Revered to get in, and once you did, there was a good chance the first boss would hand you your arse back on a plate.

Lets not even mention raiding back then. Anyone who drops out these days because of one wipe should be wearing a nappy.

Gathorc said...

BRD...without a doubt. I spent whole days in that place. Literally. We would go in at 9AM. Work on it until like 5PM. Take a break for dinner, and then get back at it, finishing around 10-11PM.

And we liked it!