Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Worst Person to Hack.......

Got hacked a while back. A bunch of friends on my server have a little podunk guild that we generally keep alts in. Sometimes if we decide to leave a guild on our mains, we will go back to this guild as a placeholder.

We have an Australian friends who is about as quirky as they get. He usually disappears for months on end, reappears for a month or so, then is gone again.

The dude is always broke. He literally has no money on him. When he does get a little bit, he usually spends it on frivolous shit. If he ever has more than 1k on his account, that would be considered rich for him.

Part of his problem was that he is the worst person at looting mobs EVER. We would run through instances back in BC and he would forget to loot ALL OF HIS MOBS.

He is also very AFK prone. He gets easily distracted by girlfirend/televison/pet. Kind of a scatterbrain. He once went for a 5 minute afk in Shadowlabs. That 5 minutes turned into 45, so we decided to kill him.

The priest we ran with stripped naked and ran into Blackhearts room and aggoed EVERYTHING. He then trained it back to our friends and let them eat his face. About an hour later he logged back onto vent with "I hate you guys". Roars of laughter ensued.

So, a couple of months ago, we see he characters logging on and off. He literally doesnt play some of his characters at all. We were surprised to see his level 60 warrior.....who has been 60 since vanilla when that was his main. Then his low level hunter....then it just kept cycling through his toons.

Did we report the hack? Nah. We made fun of the hacker. Every time he logged on, we mocked him mercilessly for hacking the poorest account in WoW. Not only that, but he was the only person to have zero access to the guild bank. None. Nada. Ziltch.

He would log on.....and be greated by "Ni Hao" or "Why cat no eat fruit?" and log back off.

He would log on and be greeted by "Enjoy your 100 gold idiot" and log back off.

The hack didnt take incredibly long. There probably wasnt much to sell. I also imagine that the "care package" was an upgrade for our friend.

So, for those hackers out there. Nice job. You did the impossible. You hacked an account that cost you more money in time than you actually got from the account. Impressive. Most impressive.

I know everyone knows people that have been hacked. And it sucks ass big time. This was possibly the one time it was amusing.


Forreststump said...

That deserves a "ROFLMAO".

What's my main Again? said...

I heard a story one time I think on a podcast where a guy had a second inactive account that he used to have as a twink. It was a single lvl 19 rogue with maybe 40 gold on it. He got a message that his account had been compromised and come to find out someone had hacked his account and reactivated it.... The hacker reactivated an account with 1 twink character with a grand total of 40 gold.

So the guy ended up getting a free month of wow on this account because of the dumbass hacker who spent 15 dollars to steal 40 gold...

River said...

Someone hacked my second account that had a few low level toons, I transfered the one good toon I had on that account to my main account. That account was so crappy didn't even bother to tell blizz.

Vordan said...

lol you must be talking about James. He is a goofy guy. He comes into vent once in awhile and says hello. I always worried if people would hack my account, I mean I dont have a while lot of gold since I am terrible at making gold, but not as terrible as James. I have had most of my characters for around 5 years that I worked hard to get to 60 before 70 was cool (You actually had to work to get to 60 back then). I was more concerned with the time it took me to level then the wealth I have there lack of. So I used the authenticator you gave me from BlizzCon. Thankee's.