Friday, January 1, 2010

Work Smarter, Not Harder


This post is a bit about my glyph selling. As most who sell glyphs know, MMO Champion crashed much of the glyph market. However, I have figured out that working smarter is better than harder. Instead of making all of the glyphs and posting them, I just look for the ones that arent currently on the AH. Then I sell them for 50 gold. Simple.

Vordan has been playing mostly on her Horde server. She says the glyphs there go from 45 gold to 300 gold...WTF? That is one jacked up economy.

On the work smarter, not harder note. Being patient is a virtue as they say. If you are selling things such as frostweave bags, dont just throw them up for 30 gold. Wait a bit and the prices will go back up during the week. Then you can make more beautiful profits.

Short post is short. Posting auctions then having lunch with Wifey. Peace out Blogsville.


Darth Solo said...

Recently I've been sticking to glyphs over 20G, producing only a few of them and then more when they sell. I've made quite a lot using this method.

Occeleta said...

Remember what you said a couple weeks ago? Something about our realm being heavy on the bloggers side. Hence our crap AH. And all the nubs jumping in on whatever flavor of the week AH items because of a post on someones blog. I pretty much dominate the Heavy Borean Armor Kit market, but once a LWer post goes up, all these newbies show up. Luckily I can afford to piss them off.