Thursday, January 21, 2010

Teaching the Wife

So, my wife has a level 80 boomkin that doesnt really get played unless she is farming some herbs or something. I really want her to do instances and such with me. The problem is that she feels like she doesnt know what she is doing.

She doesnt have great gear, but in the instances that we have done, she has felt lost. Like she is just mashing buttons. Despite this, she still does around 1800 dps......and that is with still worrying about getting ever shiny.

In order to help her out, I made her a little guide. It is very simple. It basically shows stat priority for Boomkins and a single target rotation. That is all.

I am hoping that this will clarify things for her a bit and make her enjoy running high level content. The other thing she is worried about can't really be helped. She doesnt want people to think she sucks. This already puts her a level above the kind of players I have gotten into pugs with.

So, she has her little binder paper guide to fall back on if she forgets. Then it will become second nature. My hopes are that the guide, plus the incentive to get the pug pet will get her into 5 mans, which are one of my favorite things in the game.

Gogo gadget team!


Anonymous said...

Why don't you try a mod that suggests the next move? I think Squawk and Awe does such a thing - or perhaps Ovale. Until you learn a rotation, it helps to have something pop up on screen to tell you "press this next."

River said...

A mod to tell you what to do next...really?

Might as well buy a bot program, and let it play the game for you.

Let her learn semi on her own, then the triumphs will be hers, then she'll be hooked. :)

Guthammer said...

Would it help or hurt to hear the LFD fail/flail stories?

Vordan said...

I always said I would come heal if you guys ever decided to group together in pugs. Even Mopar said he would help out. That way there are four of us and only one pug so it would be a little more comfortable. I know when we did VH awhile ago she was to the point of crying because I died and she felt like she let the group down. Just have to reassure her that she is doing a good job, because she may not know everything but she does better than a lot of people who think they know what they are doing.

Chawa said...

I can sympathize with her! When I first started playing, instances terrified me. Fear of screwing up was huge! Thank goodness for my guild and knowing that even if I did screw up, they would forgive me.

With sucessful experience, and with the help of the cheat sheet, she'll learn to feel more comfortable with it!

Good luck with your plan! And keep us posted!

Darth Solo said...

You lucky bastard. At least your wife plays...

Occeleta said...

Simply put. We have the peeps to help her feel more comfortable. Just gotta yell at us to get online. Text me or something and hopefully I'm awake or it'll wake me. We have all the makings for a Tank(j00), Healer(UR sis), as well as several back ups with my DK tanking and Shaman possibly healing if necassary, as well as your druid for heals.

Bill said...


I have a wife who also has a lvl 80Boomkin. She feels exactly the same way and has even stopped playing for a few months after some children on vent blamed a wipe on her. I feel your pain sir. I have discretely asked members of my guild to be vocal if/when she doesn't mess up with an encounter and this has really helped to boost her confidence. The little pat on the back that we normally don't bother to give to each other has made a large difference to someone who is unsure of themselves. Now I just have to figure out a way to keep things positive when we encounter jerks in the new LFG system!