Friday, January 8, 2010

Good Pugs are like a good dump.

They can be somewhat painful at times, but once it is done, you find yourself very satisfied.

Pugs are the hot topic these days. Especially in the blogosphere. Good pugs, bad pugs, ugly pugs (queue Good, Bad, and Ugly theme song). For the most part I have generally had good experiences to be honest.....but who gives a shit about the nice competent group that cleared in 15 minutes. It is more interesting to talk about the fucktard how face pulled mobs and managed 900 dps.

I have an in-game friend. He is a very competent player. He has an 80 Warrior tank (very decent), Shammy healer (also very decent), Arcane Mage (The mad deeps yo) and his Rogue. His rogue is the guy that you end up kicking out of pugs. He is rocking all blues and a single epic. He also doesnt have a single gem in his gear or a single enchant. He is also combat spec and does 900 dps.

The group of friends I run with know how terribad he is on the rogue....but we dont really care. People dont really mind carrying a friend. It may be hypocritical, but who gives a shit. If people like you, they will put up with your suck. It probably doesnt help that he usually gets the the mobs we are killing right as they die if there are things to be skinned in the instance.

Which brings me back to actual pugs. The leveling group scene is much different than the scene at level 80. I have run into some amazingly bad nubcakes while running shit with my Rogue. DKs running around in frost presence while not tanking. Hunters sending their pet in before the tank and wondering why it died. Yeah. They have been awful for the most part.

Off on another tangent, I will now run Occulus if ever I get it as a random. Two extra emblems and a chance at the Blue Drake is sweet. I was in a group of friends in my first random Occulus after the extra loot bag was added and two of them got the drakes.

Speaking of Occulus, I left in middle of one on my Warlock because the Pally tank was terribad. First, he was not using Righteous Fury. Even thought I told him about 5 times to put it on. Second, he was using seal of command. WTF. Command is great for trash as a ret pally. Not so much for a prot pally.

Speaking of Pugs.....I got a dog IRL. It is a the most macho dog know to man. A miniature red poodle. Thats right. A fucking poodle. And it is awesome. At least it will never get shaven in completly ridiculous ways.

That is enough of my ranting and raving. Back to my normal incoherrent train of thought.


Askevar said...

Actually there is a new prot spec for pallies that makes use of seal of command on trash. It's great for aoe threat [hubby was pulling over 6k in ICC with the undead mobs]. Not so much on bosses, but eh.

Askevar said...

That's over 6k dps in ICC10. His threat was insane.

Vorian87 said...

as askevar pointed out, SoC spec for prot pallies is very potent in heroics and on raid trash (specially in ICC with all the multi-mob pulls) - not only is it awesome threat for aoe but it is insane damage as well.

iirc, then the SoC heroic spec also makes use of 3/5 reckoning.

with the recent stealth change to shield of the righteous which made it into an actual melee attack and thus affected by expertise, SotR can also proc seals now :)

Adgamorix said...

Bah, beat to it by several others.

I run a double prot spec set - one for trash/heroics and one for raid bosses. I can easily pull 7 or 8k on the ICC10 trash, and generally run 4k DPS in heroics.

Granted, I have to run at a lower stam build with more STR for DPS - but it's a great build for heroics.

Not running RF is fail though.

Dorgol said...

Guildy of mine told the fail Pally tank in his group to put on Righteous Fury... and was vote kicked for it.

Maybe he could have said it in a nicer way?

Darraxus said...

I just picked up Command to see how it works. So far I have been underwhelmed. Perhaps I will have to try it out a bit more.