Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Patience Grows Thin

I have become the Darth Vader of pugs. If you piss me off I am going to use the force to choke the shit out of you.

I am generally patient with people who are undergeared. They need to run the Heroics for the gear. That is fine. It is usually the overgeared twats who dont know what they are doing that make me want to punt a puppy.

For example: I got Heroic UP on my tank to pick up my two frost emblems. The group was very well geared with the healer leading the way with a 6k gearscore. He says "If I have more than 5k mana keep pulling". I pull the first group. They go down. I then go into the hallway and pull the next group. I go down. The healer is still in the other fucking room like 30 seconds after I pulled.

I didn't say anything.....I just left group. If you are going to insist on my chain pulling an instance, at least dont AFK or sit on you ass and get me killed.

Maybe I am just becoming a LFG curmudgeon. I don't know. I just want them damn Pugs OFF MY LAWN. Is that too much to ask.

Perhaps this is why I am trying to level up a Horde toon. To make the LFG really mean something to me again. I dont need the emblems bad enough to stick it out with a bunch of retards. I would rather leave and save my time.

My name is Darraxus.....and Im a fucking grump.


Lokkni said...

You really are grumpy man. We get get bad groups all the time. Or just get one every so often and you HAVE to post about it. I used to really enjoy your random shit but now, it is the same stuff, different day with you complaining about pugs.

Go back what you used to do before the LFG system came out. Granted, you have typically just written about your current exploits and if this is what you are doing, then this is what you are going to talk about I guess.

Lokkni said...

Also, don't get me wrong, I enjoy you rambling on about various shit but it just seems like you are complaining more recently. Take a break from LFG so you don't get burned out.

Vordan said...

LFD system in mostly a-holes now it seems, probably why more complaining. First week I used it, it was godly because all the good players I ended up grouping with. I complain(ed) a lot myself reguarding the system, however I have stopped playing my 80s and revisiting a lot of my alts, simply to not deal with the BS that goes along with the LFD at 80. Granted I do use it on my alts, and usually dont have issues, and when a problem comes up, its usually no that bad like it would be at 80. I find it funny because I enjoy playing my 80s until I group for a random.

Darraxus said...

@ Lokkni: Unfortunately, my WoW time has gone down quite a bit and when I do get to play usually it is in a group setting, and many times it is filled with bads. Not always, but non descript pugs are not very interesting. Shitty ones generally are.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I don't think you are that grumpy. Or maybe its because I understand where you are coming from and *I'm* grumpy too!!!

I don't want to carry anyone through an instance. When someone says "afk" I say "me too".

Kusamoto said...

On the subject of terriPuGs: Friends don't let friends play DKs who tank in blood presence, rocking DPS gear, and carrying 2 1h swords (one of which isn't runesmithed). We didn't wipefest UP, but it was only because we DPS-type people were killing stuff 2 seconds after the tank targeted it. I've never used Sweeping Strikes more in my life.

I still read your blog, even if it mostly has to do with PuGging these days, because it is a very good barometer for where the game is. Although, your post about Nomnomhealz the Mighty was awesomely amusing.

Lokkni said...

@ Darraxus - I understand. I just didn't want you getting burned out of the game as grouping with asshats can make me resent the game. I have been pretty lucky thus far with my groups and haven't had too many issues but I usually only do one on my hunter and one on my pally for the emblems and then hang out with my guild...or as of yesterday, Mass Effect 2 :)

Anonymous said...

I actually stopped playing WoW due to this feature. On one hand, I love it, as I can actually get groups and get better loot, but on the other hand, the assholes I meet and have to deal with and get frustrated with are not worth the stress I get; this is a game after all is said and done, and getting mad and pissed isn't something I want to regularly experience doing something that's supposed to be fun.

Anonymous said...

I decided to change my alt paladin's spec from ret to prot. He was in all crafted blues and a few epics. You know, what tanks wore when we first hit 80 last year. So I get one group for H up where after the first few pulls the druid healer decides to make a comment about my trinkets (still had healing ones). "oh, nice mana, because you really need it with Divine plea". The run is going fine and we didn't even get to the first boss so I just reply with a "yep". He decides to keep going on about how I only have 25k health unbuffed and yada yada yada. Mage decides to chime in too. I just keep pulling but notice they stop healing and dpsing on the valkyr boss. I finish it, pull the abom, then bubble and watch as the druid and mage die. Needless to say I didn't stay.

Very next group, ran H FoS with no issues and even a "nice Tanking". Elitism is fun.