Thursday, January 14, 2010

Being a Noob again

One thing I have come to realize since leveling a new Warrior. I can once again be a terribad nubcake. I did not level prot on Darraxus. He was my first toon. I pretty much leveled in Noob spec. That would be a strange spattering of Arms and Fury with no rhyme or reason. Because of that (and the fact that I heroic striked my way to 60) I did not actually know what levels I got cool tanking shit.

Little did I know (\facepalm) That I had sunder for a few levels when I went into my lowbie instance to tank. I also forgot that you get Defensive Stance from a quest. I really can't believe I forgot Sunder. Perhaps it is because it really hasnt been used since BC came out with Devastate. I should remember.....remember my days back in Strat Dead when the "3 Sunder Rule" was in effect. Basically, DPS waits for three Sunders or dies a horrible death.

With raf and my sister running me through shit, I have been progressing very very quickly. I am sitting at level 30 at the moment and have been gaining roughly 10 levels a day. Once I hit 60, it will be the ole instance grind up to 80. I like instances, and this is now more viable than ever since you dont have to do any of the grunt work to get into a dungeon.


bobreaze said...

Youll like instances up until you tank one with a warrior. Why? yo you may ask because dps hate you and want to make your life a living hell. Along with lack of ff the insta aoe that is normal for todays pugs realy makes tanking as a warrior a pain. main way to fix this remove Thunder claps target limit and cooldown make its damage equal to swipe. Yes im complaining about warrior tanking it makes no since ihave to mash 80 billion buttons asap to try and hold aggro when bears get to tap 3 pallies have a nice flowing rotation as do DK.

Blackthought / Deathwing said...

Multi mob tanking without a full 3 second window with DPS that don’t know how to not pull keeps things interesting though. Intervene when you think about it, was designed because we suck at holding agro...and because that wasn’t enough heroic throw had to be added in there to pull mobs back.

In general though I’ve noticed that warriors who really know how to tank are REALLY GOOD...but then those that don’t know...are really, really, really bad