Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy friday everyone!

Today starts my WoW weekend which means I will be pwning some faces with some Muthafvcking Uppercuts. Or maybe not so much.

Probably more of my sister pwning faces while I loot everything to powerlevel my Horde warrior.

I will certainly have to get in my weekly raid on as many toons as possible. Thankfully that is usually as short as a Heroic.

I actually have not logged on to "play" since Monday. I have been doing auctions of course, but I have that most automated at this point. I am doing auctions while I am writing this actually.

I would really like to try and get into an ICC 10 or something. Preferably on my tank. I love seeing new shit. Oddly enough, I am most excited about the gunship battle. I know it is easy, but it just seems ridiculously fun as well.

Maybe this weekend will be the weekend I get wifey to play. The hard part is just convincing her to log on. I did a DPS test on the dummy and it was encouraging. With her fairly low gear, I was able to do over 2k dps single target and she is not even hit capped. AOE will be much better I think.

In case I didnt let it be wife is awesome. She is always good for random laughs in game and out. A bit ago she sent me an ingame email. It had a smiley face in the subject line. When opened, it said "You just lost the game." I have taught her so well..../tear.

I hope all of you blog lovers have a wonderful weekend of picking of fat loots.....and maybe even a nice juicy fail pug to write about. Have a good one!


Vordan said...

DAMN YOU DARR! Now I lost the game. I shouldn't have told you about it! I will have to see how well I feel this weekend. Still sick and in pain, so depends on how I feel and I might pwn some faces for you. See if we can get you to 50 atleast, 60 if we really try, or not try at all really. You level to quick.

Meka said...

When you do get to the gunship battle, make sure there's a druid in the group... My guildies found it endlessly amusing to see a rabid bear with a jetpack strapped to it's butt fly around.. :)

Vordan said...

Yeah I did the gunship battle, the tank was a druid and had that rocket strapped to its ass, that was a screen shot moment!

Guthammer said...

ICC is indeed interesting as a tank.

Joined at the hip on Marrowgar.

Running around doing pickups on Deathwhisper.

I have always been the away team tank on the Gunship battle. If you are make sure you are the last person back!

Sourfang is an odd test of focus to quickly taunt off the other tank.