Monday, January 4, 2010

The Weekend that was

I did this weekend what I have been doing for the last few weekends....instancing my ass off. Im gonna break it down old school style with some muthafucking bullet points. Because Darraxus is far to busy being delicious to have regular bullet points.

Instancing: This is the bread and butter of what I have been doing. I generally do the Frost daily and FoS on Darraxus then go about doing whatever random crap I feel like doing on my other toons. I have gotten incredibly bored with my DK and he has been mostly sitting on the back burned. I need to start gearing my Warlock again as he is still rocking several blue items and some ilvl 200 epics.

Despite the the gear, my lock ended up first in DPS and damage (damage by about 100k) in the Patchwerk weekly. Sadly, that was the only weekly this week where we did not get the "Make quick werk of him" achivement.

I have been doing a bunch of tanking on my pally as well. It really is pretty easy. I enjoy it just because I enjoy tanking, but it is still not quite as fun as my Warrior. The only difference is that I often times seem to end up first in damage in any given heroic instance. That includes beating out my sister when she went ret on her pally.

Leveling: Recently, the only leveling I have done is on my Rogue. I must say that Combat sucks ass so far. I am always towards the bottom of the damage meters in the instances and got out dpsed by my sisters little prot warrior in Slave Pens. That, and it is incredibly boring. Sinister Strike spam, slice and dice, blah blah BORING. It probably doesnt help that I have absolutely no AOE on my Rogue. WTB fan of knives plox. Once I get him to 70, I think I will level my Hunter and Rogue through instances while they are rested.

Bling Bling: I am actually making more than I am spending despite the market being pretty bare recently for purchasing herbs and ink of the sea. I am making a good chunk off of glyphs, but have also been selling the tomes recently. I have been selling at least 4 a day for 160-200 gold each. Considering the mats are about 50 gold, that is not a bad chunk of profit. I am back up to the "gold cap" over all of my toons and plan to keep on going up. I don't have anything that I "MUST" have at the moment.

And I still think LFG is one of the best things ever. Great groups are wonderful, and shitty ones make for great blog material. How was your New Years weekend?


River said...

I don't remember my new years...but from the stories I had a good time.

Vordan said...

You know I just naturally suck at dps. I mean for my gear I am doing 3300 and thats mediocre. I was born to heal, thats about it, Im not good at anything else lol.