Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nomnomhealz the Mighty

Nomnom the Mighty. Well not really. He is about as resilient as a wet paper bag. And he grabs aggro like nobody's business.

Perhaps his aggro prowess is due to the fact that he is a troll in Zul'Farrak. He is walking along minding his own business when all the other trolls are like "Hey Mon, have you heard the new Bob Marley.....wait, you are not one of us." They then proceed to eat his face. I should have named him Nomnomaggro.

I thought that maybe the problem was that he was a bit low for the instance originally. It turned out that they just loved his not so pretty face. And to eat it.

On the bright side, Nomnom only managed to scare the shit out of me a few times when I though I aggroed a troll. It probably helped that he was able to equip the Whitemane Berret of Fruitiness. He looked too fabulous to scare the shit out of me.

Then I got the Voodoo Mask. Which means he looks like a fucking voodoo troll.

He still managed to die at least twice....which is a decent amount for Nomnom. His aggro whoring knows no bounds. He would keep aggro despite my Warrior hitting the mobs. He would get aggro despite my Warrior walking by the mobs first. He would get aggro if he farted in their general direction.

On a related note, I got my Warrior and Nomnomhealz to 45. Next stop will be Strat dead. I fully expect tons of deaths from Nomnom. I am thinking perhaps I should just take off his gear to make it slightly less painful.

He will probably find every Eye of Naxxramas in the instance. At the same time. While my sister is nowhere near me.

I know one thing is for sure.....don't expect to see his ass running around Zul'Aman.......ever.


Vordan said...

Nomnom the Awesome! Definitely has his own personality. I recall you saying in vent "Im being attacked", I look back...gasp you quickly say nevermind as you realize too that it is Nomnom the Awesome. If you ever got to 80 with him, wonder if he would be like that in raids, not only scare the shit out of you even if no other trolls around, but manage to get aggro despite there being a good tank.

Tam said...

I second the above: Nomnom the Awesome!

*cheers for Nomnom*

*Nomnom for President, mon*