Monday, January 18, 2010

One grind down, one to go

I did not play a whole lot of WoW this weekend as most of it was spent hanging with the wifey. The bit that I did play was with her naturally.

We continued to run Strat dead for a few reasons.

1) It is good XP.
2) My priest only had vanilla WoW for an account
3) Runecloth. My wife is trying to get her "Ridiculous". Which is her word for Mechanostriders. So yeah. A fun grind.
4)Rivendare's fucking fuck fuck deathcharger fuck fuck. Did I mention fuck.

So. We managed to get my priest and her hunter to 60. My priest is either going to rot on it's current account or be transfered to my wife's main account. We ran Strat dead about 15 times to get from level 45 to 60. Not too shabby.

Goal 3 was met on our last run. My wife hearthed back to Ironforge and turned in the rest of her cloth to get the Mechanostrider mounts. She loves those damn things for some reason.

I granted the free 30 levels to her bank toon. Thankfully he is a Gnome. She got her "Ridiculous" on his as well.

That fucking mount WILL NEVER DROP.

I have run strat dead about 56 times since it started tracking it on the achievements pane. I ran it about 100 times pre bc. I have never seen the son of a bitch drop. My sister has it....on her Alliance and her Horde pally. She got them in about 3 combined runs I think.

With that 60 level grind done, I have 30 levels left to get my Horde Warrior to 60. My sister is going to be running me through shit up until that point. Which is sweet. I dont think I could ever level another toon the standard old fashioned way. My wife says she would like to try it sometimes to see the other zones......I dont know if I can bring myself to do it though. And it would have to be on a different server. I have all of my slots filled up on Scarlet Crusade.

Now I just have to figure out who to level through outlands with her. My Rogue (who I am leaning towards) or my Mage (who she loves playing with). Decisions decisions.


Anonymous said...

50 Times!

I can blow thru this instance in 7 min (back door frogger style).

Yes, I left all that innuendo open for you!

Whenever i am board or can't focus enough on the game to do a raid or instance... i run this. Why? I want that stupid horse too... will that ass hat Baron ever give it to me? Probably not.

I feel your pain

Vordan said...

For the Rivendare Deathcharger on Vordan I ran the instance probably 50 or more times. I was grinding my rep for Argent Dawn from friendly to Exalted and it dropped and im not kidding, on the last run I did for exalted. Now for Veigt, yeah I ran it once and got it, granted the person I was running in there who I said if it drops I get it, rolled against me (what a douche).

Vordan said...

Not sure if you will be on tonight so I can run your hordies through some stuff, I havent been on, ive been in a lot of pain so yeah get on vent when you get home ill wait in there.

Darth Solo said...

Wait I don't get it. You ran Strat between 45-60?? Just the 2 of you? Is that even possible? Is it even possible to get in there at 45?

Darraxus said...

Used my Warrior to run us thru. 45 is the minimum level to get in. 35-45 in ZF and 45 to 60 in strat :)