Monday, January 25, 2010

Prot Warrior Buffs/Nerfs

They have already announced that they are going to be changing Warbringer a bit and changing Shield slam.....again. They also say that they are going to buff Prot Warrior's sustainable dps.....they havent said how yet, but I have an idea to help.

Buff Heroic Strike and Cleave damage by 50 percent. That will help out both our single target and multi-target dps. It also shouldnt cause much trouble for PvP where those abilities are likely viewed as mana hogs better used on other abilities.

A buff to Thunderclap would not hurt either.

I really don't mind the nerf parts that much as they will not affect me. I have dont nearly zero pvp in Wrath on my warrior.

I do hope that they make the damage increase worthwhile though.....and dont keep just buffing devastate.

Warrior tanking has come a long way since sunder spam. It would be nice to have the original tanks able to put up the same kinds of numbers as the other tanking classes.


Kobeathris said...

They really can't buff heroic strike without completely revamping it, otherwise Fury warriors (and arms to a lesser extent) are going to get a buff as well, and they don't really need it.

Dread said...


Perhaps add text to the Def stance tooltip that increases damage of said abilities while in the stance. Make things like bloodthirst, MS, etc. available in Battle/Zerker only and remove that retarded "extra threat for those abilities" talent in the arms tree, no one tanks like that and if they do, it's because the actual tank died.

Ordruun said...

I'm not that concerned, our low dps is a point of concern but I don't think I've ever been in a situation (I only run 10 mans though) where my low dps was a factor in the fight.

I do believe that Cleave is a good place to focus. Cleave isn't used much by PVP warriors so you can pretty much buff it to what you need. Maybe turning Cleave into something similar to what Marrowgar has, say x dmg divided amongst the targets in front of you. The more targets the more rage it costs. Something to that affect.