Wednesday, June 27, 2012

D3: The Bearness Farm Route and RMAH sales

So, last night I played a little bit of D3 with blog reader and adventuring partner Bearness, who had a pretty interesting rare farming method. During the time, we did not pick up a ton of cash, but we got many yellow items, which is the point of the farming.

From what I remember, you start Act 1 on the Fallen Angel quest.

You then port to the Northern Highlands. You look for the Watch Tower. If it spawns, go inside. Kill the elite mobs. Exit and head towards Leorics manor. Kill any rares on the way, and ignore regular mobs if you can. Go kill the elite mobs outside of Leorics manor. Town portal and head to the area just past the sunken temple. Find both of the small dungeons in that zone and kill the elite mobs.

After that, town portal and head to the cemetery. Go to each dungeon, kill until you find a rare, and then town portal. Rinse and repeat each step. I got a few decent items to sell on the AH as well as a lot of scavenging fodder.

In other news, I also made TWO sales on the RMAH yesterday for a grand total of 5 dollars after Blizzard's cut. I am now up to 11 bucks in my Blizzard bucks account. I am mostly doing it so that I can get MoP for my wife and I without actually having to pay for it.


Bearness said...

Haha, I'm honored to be mentioned on the blog! Thank you. But, I can't take full credit for it since the route is basically a compilation of some Act 1 farming strategies I've read + personal trial/error/preference. There are 1 or 2 more spots I'm thinking of adding, but I have to test them out to see if spawn rates are reliable and close enough to waypoints.

Good luck with RMAH sales!

Teknique said...

What's your ID Darraxus? I'd like to add you sometime.

Darraxus said...

@ Teknique: I believe it is Bigjuicyhog 1950