Saturday, June 23, 2012

Of Wasting Gold....

Today I spent about 1.8 million in upgrades. It dropped my health by about 13k, but my resistance went up by about 300ish and my DPS went up a bit as well.

The problem is that Act 2 is still a pain in the ass. Namely, damage reflect mobs. They dont want us to Zerg rush mobs to death, then they have an affix that doesnt allow you to kill it without dying unless you have an insane amount of life on hit.

Good job Blizzard. It also seems like at least 50 percent of all mobs have this affix since the new patch came out. Sure, they make them hit less hard, but does that matter when you are hitting yourself in the face essentially?

Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Because Blizzard made me do it.


Anonymous said...

I'm in inferno with my DH now. Act 1 goes pretty smoothly, but act 2 is absurd. The firebombs thrown by the cat people nearly one shot me (37k health, about 250 or so resist all), literally from 100% to flashing red. The amount of kiting just to kill white mobs is beyond the level of fun.

I found one champion pack, of the little fallen demons (mortar, reflect damage, jailer, can't remember the last), and each of them had 800k health without extra health...I had to kite them around for about 10 minutes using SS to break jailer so I didn't get mortared. After they were dead, I TPed and logged off.

I get gear farming, but I can't even imagine the amount of gear I would have to farm to make that remotely enjoyable. My will to continue is basically sapped.

Bearness said...

@Anon: yeah, the Inferno champs are complete BS. There are so many ridiculous ones, it's not even worth the time. To progress, I just death-kite and then move on. If the hallway is too narrow and I can't death-kite, just reset the game. But, I'm starting to see how pointless "progression" is because in the end, I need to kill those champions to get Neph Valor for gear.

@Darraxus: There are some crazy champion combinations, but reflect damage definitely takes the cake. Also, it's illogical because it punishes you for having better DPS, which goes against Diablo's philosophy of gearing up so you can kill mobs faster so you can gear up more. I'm like, I got a new weapon to raise my DPS! Great, I can kill myself faster now! And if I want to kill myself REALLY fast? Just use AOE!