Friday, June 1, 2012

DIablo 3: More Inferno and a New Alt

As the title says, I did some more inferno mode yesterday. I must say that it was significantly more effective than my first attempts the main reason for this is that I found a guide for a good build for my Barabarian.

Diablo 3 Blog: Barbarian Guide

In this build you have to use elective mode. This basically means that you can use any ability in any slot.

Thank god for theory crafters.

I went from dying multiple times on every rare or elite to one shotting them most of them time with a few exceptions. I also one shotted all of the bosses that I faced, up to and including the Skeleton King.

It is amazing the difference that a good build can make.

I also started a Wizard last night with my buddy. So far, so good, but I have noticed that if a bad guy catches up with you, you are quite squishy. I like the spells so far, and Diamond Skin is quite nice for surviving momentary rough spots. I have now taken every class at least as far as the Skeleton King on Normal besides the Witch Doctor (Oh ee, oh ah ah, ting tang wadda wadda bing bang).

Back to inferno. The main advantage to this new build is that I am not essentially breaking even with terrible high repair bills.

I think the next thing for me to try in Inferno is to team up with some other Inferno goers. The only problem is that I have zero confidence in people not being terrible. I also find that I die much more in a group because I am often the only one in Melee range.

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