Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Resistance is NOT futile.

This is just a quick post on the ridiculous effects of All Resistance in Diablo 3. As a Barbarian, this is apparently the most important stat. It was never more apparent than an Inferno Warden and Butcher run I did last night.

I was in a group with another Barbarian. I died constantly. He died rarely. I can't remember him dying once as a matter of fact. The guy was taking hits like nobody's business. I inspected his gear and found that he was rocking A LOT of All Resistance on his gear.

I am currently working on building up that stat. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive. I think I have two or three pieces of gear with the stat on it, and I will be looking to grab some more.

I think that it is also the most important stat for Monks. Melee classes get blown up big time in Inferno. And for the ranged classes, make sure that you practice your kiting and defensive cooldowns, or you could well be one shotted.


Anonymous said...

Resistance is the most important for Monks, yes, but they can take a passive to apply the highest single resistance to all. Makes it easier if you can get a good set of resist but it does cost you a passive.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I noticed gear with resist stats started dropping a lot more often after I finished up normal and took this as a hint to beef up on resists for boss fights. I went in after the Butcher heavy on fire resist and beat him without ever really being in danger of dying.