Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day Z: Doing a lot of nothing was never more intense

Leaving off from yesterday, Fett and I met where we left off and did not find any good loot in the area. Fett aggroed a zombie in the area and ended up with broken legs. He decided to let him self bleed out as it is no good crawling around. I took what I could from his dead body. I got attacked by a couple of zombies and wasted a bunch of shot dispatching them. Our friend Kev was nearby, and I headed down to the beach to meet with him. Somehow I aggroed a zombie and thanks to his Barry Sanders like juke moves, I was unable to kill him before running out of ammo....then he broke my legs. I died on the beach,

After respawning, we decided to try and meet up again. I was in Electro while they were both down the beach a ways. I snuck through Electro and found a few items here and there. A smoke grenade would come in very handy at some point. More bandages. A can of food.

I make my way towards their location. Along the way, I finally find a weapon. A Shotgun. THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK.

After much coordination, we meet up about a mile outside of Electro and walk in the Hills to avoid the shambling death. Neither of my companions has a weapon with them. We hear gunshots in the distance. There is a survivor fighting of Zed Heads at the gas station a ways a way. Kev watches it unfold through his binoculars. It actually ends up being three survivors. We debate on looting them if they die. We also debate killing them if they dont and taking their precious weapons. However, with me being the only one with a weapon, we decide against it.

We make our way to the outskirts of the town and find a house that can shelter us for the night. We live to see another day.

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