Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Real Money AH Live in D3

Well, I must say that this was met with a big ol.....MEH from me.

I originally thought I would be able to make some cash on this. Not being a gold farmer or botter, I have since decided that this in not going to happen.

It is hard enough to sell decent items on the gold AH. People just dont seem to be buying anything. Maybe I am just pricing wrong. I dont know. What I do know is that I will not likely be making real money playing Diablo 3.

If you want to get ahead in D3, you need to be a cheater. If you can bot farm gold and transfer it around and then sell it, that would probably more than make up for having to buy the game again each time you get banned.

I will continue to try to make fake gold just as I did in Diablo 3. I may see about trading some WoW gold for some Diablo gold. Who knows.

Anyone who has a life, or does not cheat should not expect to make a bunch of real money.

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