Monday, June 25, 2012

Day Z: The Zombie Apocalypse

First, just let me say that my awesome friend Fettsbounty at The Indecisive Gamer bought ARMA2 CO for me so that I could play Day Z with him.

I should also say that I am a huge fan of Zombie Apocalypse related things. World War Z is one of my favorite books, and it makes you think what you would do in that situation.

Well, after getting everything downloaded and installed, we hopped into a game. It was, cant see shit dark.

I cant quite figure out immediately how to turn on my flashlight, so I am muddling around by a house when I suddenly see a dark silouette in from of me. SHIT ITS A ZOMBIE. Keep in mind that you start the game with zero weapons. I start sprinting down the beach to get away, Zombies in hot pursuit. We get disconnected from the server. Saved by the DC.

We decide that perhaps we should try a daylight server and hop onto a German server. I am back on the beach where I started and find a boat....and HOLY SHIT IT WORKS. I hop in and start cruising down the coast to see if I can find my friends. I start getting sick and coughing. I lose some blood along the way. I decide that I want to find some supplies and pull up where I can see some houses. While trying to sneak around, I catch the attention of some Zombies. SHIIIIIIITTTT BACK TO THE BOAT.

I run and hop in the boat. I am having a very difficult time getting it off the beach....IT IS DAMAGED BADLY. Shit shit shit shit. I finally get it moving and I am out on the Ocean. I head North and park at a dock before logging off so that we can find a night server.

We made a brief stop on a NZ server which was daytime. I make my way into a village and find an open building. SWEET SUPPLIES!!! I find some Chemlights, soda, a backpack, and most importantly a Makarov pistol. As I finish looting the house, I get disconnected from the server. We all migrate to a US server that is still using daytime. I go back inside the house and stock up on some more supplies, picking up several Lee Enfield rounds as well.

Fett and I decide to meet up as we are actually in the same town/area. I snoop around the area and aggro a zombie. I panic and unload a bunch of bullets into them. I end up killing them and running inside a big tin building and closing the door behind me. DAMN WALL HAX!!!! Two zombies come through and I head shot them. A third comes in. Shit I am out of bullets. I run up the stairs and walk along the catwalk to avoid the zombies until it cools down. One walks straight thru the warehouse and back outside. One comes up the catwalk....crap. I run to the other side and hop the railing, injuring my leg. Fett in the meantime had made it to the building, but was forced to stay a ways off due to the zombie presence. I open the door. There is a "Dog" outside (credit to Fett on that one) with its back turned. SHIT. I close the door. The Zombie on the catwalk is making its way back. It is now or never. I run from the building (as fast as you can with an injured leg) and make it to the train tracks. Fett and I meet up at this point. I have an unloaded gun. He has a hatchet. He will be guarding me until I can reload.

I mention the house I was in previously, and that there were a few supplies still there. We found out that more had respawned. Sweet. We stock up on drink, and I now have two magazines for my Makarov.

We decide to explore the town and encounted many zombies, avoiding most. We hop fences and crouch around corners to avoid detection. We aggro a zombie....if I shoot, it will alert other zombies in the area....I slowly start to squeeze the trigger.....then I stop short. Fett has hacked it in the head with his hatchet. No sound needed.

After more fruitless searching, we decided that the supply building will be a good place for us to log off for the night. We make our way back towards the building, avoiding a "Worm" (crawling zombie, also Fett's idea). There is a walker shambling across the street near the gate we need to enter. Fett sneaks over and gives it a mighty hack.

We find a corner in the house and lay down. We sleep for tonight.....we have survived to fight another day.

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