Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day Z: Another Day Survived.

We woke up in the same shed we had fallen asleep in. Only Kev and I were there. Fett must have gone off hunting.

We decide that we need to get into Elektro and search the area for supplies. Kev has a hatchet for a weapon now, but still no firearm. I am armed with a trusty double barreled shotgun. We make our way slowly through town. At one point, I enter a building with walkers inside. I dispatch them with extreme predjudice.

We continue our scavenging and make our way to the shipping containers just off the close. While confronting another walker in a doorway, Kev ends up with a broken leg, which can be a death sentence in this post apocalyptic world. I make the decision to go after some medicine to patch up his leg and get him back on his feet.

While I make my way towards the Hospital, Kev crawls to an open field where he finds a cow. This cow will one day be a tasty meal, if we can ever find matches to make fire.

I creep through town, being extra careful not to alert anyone....or anything. I finally get to the Hospital and there are tons of supplies. I get four bags of blood for transfusions and two epi-pens. Unfotunately, there is no Morphine to be found.

I hear gunshots in town. They do not see very far off.

I make my way to a nearby apartment building where I find three dead survivors, laying in one of the rooms. Perhaps it was a shootout. There were no survivors. I find a Makarov on one of the bodies. I am glad to have a side arm. An extensive search turns up very little. There is another Makarov on the roof, which would be nice for Kev if we can get his legs properly repaired. No morpine however.

As I make my way back towards the Hospital, I see a ladder heading to the roof.....if there had been airlifs from the roof, there may be extra supplies up there. I make my way to the top and find the treasure I have been looking for. The elusive morphine gun.

I hear gunshots in the distance. I see a survivor on a roof either fighting another zombie or possibly killing a fellow survivor. I watch him from prone. As he crawls down, there are more gunshots. Zombies give chase.

I then decide to make my way down and try to get back to Kev. As I get down, I hear small caliber gunshots...probably a Makarov. I peek around the corner and see a survivor get overwhelmed by Zombies. I don't dare give away my position. I use the distraction to head to the tracks and make my way back to the field. In my excitement, I catch the attention of two walkers and use my last shotgun shells to dispatch them.

I reach Kev and repair his damaged legs. We decide to make our way back to the apartment where I found the Makarov earlier and get him a sidearm. We reach the building with little trouble and he gets his weapon. We decide that we should find a safe place to rest for the night, then we hear some gunshots. We see through the windows of the apartment building a survivor get overwhelmed by zombies. We do nothing as they eat his flesh.

Once the screams have died down, we slowly make our way over. There are two zombies still on the body. We dispatch them quickly and head towards the body. Suddenly a "dog" charges in. It takes a whack at Kev and runs off. What kind of strange behavior is this? Kev lays on the ground clutching his leg. The zombie has rebroken it.

We decide that we must crawl to the roof of the Hospital and hope that we can scavenge more morphine. If not, the journey ahead will be very slow going. We climb to the roof and find a defensible place. We then close our eyes to sleep. We hope that we wake up in the morning.


Bearness said...

Nice narratives! I feel like I'm reading a novel. I assume you watch/read Walking Dead shows or comics since you referred to zombies as walkers?

I love zombie games like Left 4 Dead. I don't think I've ever seen one as realistic (can zombies ever be considered realistic?) as Day Z. It sounds very interesting. But, also sounds very difficult without a good group of people.

Darraxus said...

@ Bearness: Yeah I love Zombie shows/books. World War Z is one of my all time favorites.

Part of the fun of Day Z is the difficulty (which isnt too bad as long as you are very careful), ther realism, and the atmosphere of the whole thing.

Just doing something like walking through a town can be scary as shit.

You also have to eat and drink etc. It is all about survival, hence, I will be avoiding people I dont know online.