Thursday, June 21, 2012

D3: Impressions on Nerfed Difficulty

Well, I got a chance to play a bit yesterday in Act 2. I think it is easier, but it does not seem overly easy. Champion packs are still not really a pushover for someone in decent gear like myself. I actually like the way it is tuned now. What I dont like is the new repair bills. It makes dying a pain in the ass. Dying makes me frustrated enough that I dont want to play.

I think that the ideal setup for Inferno would be to have a Barbarian tank, and the rest of the group be very well geared DPS. Unfortunately, if the DPS is not very well geared, it seems to take forever to kill Champions and Elites. It becomes a question of what is better. Slowly going through Solo or hoping that the group you get is not terrible. Not to mention 50 percent of the groups I join seem to be afk or something. There is almost always someone sitting in town not responding to chat. It is fucking annoying.

So, overall, I like the nerf to difficulty. I hate the repair bill change and the changes to drop off of breakable items. I dont understand why you would nerf the amount of gold that drops and buff repair costs when most of the crap that drops is unsellable for any kind of decent price.


Anonymous said...

Now that I'm in Hell, I've noticed that champion packs have an excessive amount of health related to normal mobs. I still kill normal mobs at a decent pace (I don't farm the AH, but I keep my weapon up to date) but even an easy champion pack takes more than 30 seconds to bring down. A hard one takes more than ten minutes. It's gotten so bad that I find myself wanting to just skip them.

Darraxus said...

@ Anonymous: It gets much much worse in Inferno. You have to buy gear to stay viable. Before the patch, I would skip by some of them if they gave me too much trouble.

Bearness said...


I'm not sure if our playing times would match, but I'll do some Inferno runs with you if you're interested (sorry, I have to go home to look up my battletag). I have a DH at the beginning of Inferno Act 3 and a Wizard who's about to hit level 60 and close to finishing Hell Act 3 (I think I prefer the Wizard).

My DPS isn't through the roof (I generally don't buy auction house gear unless I badly need an upgrade in a slot). But, at least I won't go afk (without telling) while playing. =) If you're not interested, no hard feelings.

Darraxus said...

@ Bearness: Yeah, I would be interested in that. I am not sure of my battle tag either (I forget the numbers part). It is Bigjuicyhog and some numbers. I am about half through Act 2 on my Barbarian.

My second nearest characters to level cap are a 36 DH and 29 Monk.

Bearness said...

Darraxus, mine is Ninjabear#1436.

Darraxus said...

Ok, I sent a request.